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My Life promotes Mutirão Online to answer questions about health

My Life promotes Mutirão Online to answer questions about health

To celebrate National Health Day (August 5), the My Life website is promoting the first Online Health Effort . Our goal is to spread the quality of life to anyone, wherever you are, by providing reliable health information to the population.

But this dream will only be possible if we can count on professionals who are full of knowledge and aligned with the our purpose. In the absence of a hospital to perform physical assistance efforts, we have an online question and answer platform, Ask the Expert, to answer questions about the readers' health.

Today, August 05 , doctors and health professionals from all over Brazil can answer the questions of our users. We are sure that a single question answered will already make a difference in one's life. At the end of the Mutirão, we will release our results in the media and a thank you list with professionals who participated answering questions.

And still have time to participate! Make your registration now and make your mark on this task force for a healthier population;)

How will the Online Health Effort work?

  • Today (August 5) at any time, the doctor will be able to select the questions of your specialty topic and answer as many questions as you wish. The answer to a single question can make a difference in someone's life
  • The registered professional who will decide how much time to devote and the volume of questions that can answer
  • The process is totally free - both for professionals as for users
  • My Life will publish a link on the website with the list of participating physicians of the Online Health Care
  • Questions answered by the doctors will be published in My Life and will be available on the site
  • Remembering that the purpose of the initiative is to remove doubts from users, without characterizing or replacing a medical appointment. The professional is free to not answer questions that fall into this classification

Understand the cause

O Minha Vida is the largest health and wellness portal in Brazil with a high impact: 8 out of 10 users passed here in 2014 . More than 20 million people access My Life every month for a variety of reasons: whether it is to learn more about diagnosing diabetes, understanding how cancer treatment works, finding out the symptoms of depression or knowing how to care for a Alzheimer, among other infinite questions, the reasons range from the most prevalent to the rarest, from the most simple to the most complex. However, the goal of all who seek us is only one: to better inform about some health issue.

Many care about the quality of life but, unfortunately, access to health in Brazil is uneven . In Brazil, the differences begin in the number of doctors available to the population. There are 2 doctors for every 1000 inhabitants. In England, system considered model, are 2.7 doctors per 1000 inhabitants. In addition, the distribution of physicians in the Brazilian territory is not homogeneous. There are 2.67 doctors per 1000 inhabitants in the Southeast region, while in the North region it is only 1 doctor for 1000 people. In many states the numbers are well below that. In addition to the shortage of professionals, there are deficiencies in the agility of care, availability of treatments and infrastructure for those who depend exclusively on SUS: about 75% of the Brazilian population.

My Life has as its main purpose to improve the quality of life of the Brazilian population. A purpose that inspires us in the daily search for innovation, for solutions. One is to facilitate people's access to more health and well-being. That is why My Life is promoting the first Online Health Effort, an innovative initiative to celebrate National Health Day, celebrated today, August 5. Our dream is to spread health to whoever and wherever you are. In the absence of a hospital to conduct physical assistance efforts, we have an internally developed Q & A platform, Ask the Expert. A single question answered will already make a difference in one's life.

The objective of the Online Health Effort is to gather together thousands of physicians on an online platform for a single cause, which is to promote more health for the Brazilian population. Without queues, without physical barriers, without distance limitations , we will have the technology to approach. On one side, someone who needs help, the other on a professional who is willing to help with all the knowledge he has.

My Life is sure that nothing replaces a medical consultation, especially medical / patient contact, but we firmly believe in the power of democratization of health information to help people make better decisions and make better choices. In a country where the health care chain is deficient, we are often the first stop before a patient arrives at a doctor's office. The goal of the Online Health Effort is not to be the only stop, just the beginning of a much greater quest for a healthier life.

To participate, the doctor must register at Ask the Expert at // specialists. The Good Consultation is a website for scheduling online medical consultations. It is a good site for medical appointments online.

Simply find the specialist, choose the date and time of the appointment and wait for confirmation - all through an online platform

dr.consulta is a network of popular medical clinics that offers quick and humane consultations and exams for families without access to the health system. The network comprises seven units in operation, where you can schedule exams and appointments in more than 30 specialties.

  • Memed is a unique tool for physicians, which functions as a search for medicines and the organization of prescriptions. In 2014, doctors made more than 100 thousand prescriptions and 350 thousand searches for medicines with Memed
  • PEBmed is the largest Brazilian company of medical applications, with more than 250 thousand downloads in its 3 years of existence. Doctors and medical students PEBmed applications for quick consultation and medical content study

  • Poor air quality affects the health of your entire body

    Poor air quality affects the health of your entire body

    Especially in large metropolises, the poor quality of the air we breathe is worrying. Experts point to it as one of the great villains responsible for not only respiratory but also cardiovascular diseases. The burning of fossil fuels releases a number of particles harmful to health and, the smaller they are, the more dangerous.


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    New hopes for obesity treatment

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