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Myth or truth? Eliminate myths and truths about healthy eating and methods for weight loss

Myth or truth? Eliminate myths and truths about healthy eating and methods for weight loss

Myth. Skim milk indicates that it has less fat in relation to the integral. Because it has a lower fat content, skim milk has fewer calories. So, for a healthier diet by controlling the amount of saturated fats, cholesterol, and calories, it is better to opt for the skim version.

Do fats provide more calories to food?

True. The nutrients that provide calories to food are the macronutrients. They are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Each gram of carbohydrate or protein provides 4 calories. As the fats have, per gram, 9 calories, being the most caloric among the group.

How to divide meals in the day?

One hundred grams of apple can have the same amount of calories as 10 grams of chocolate ?

True. The apple has more water, which "dilutes" the nutrients. In chocolate, the nutrients are more concentrated. Therefore, it is healthier to opt for water-rich foods. They can be vegetables, vegetables and fruits. Because they are less caloric, they can be ingested in greater amounts, giving the sensation of satiety.

Eating carbohydrates at night fattening?
Myth. The calories of carbohydrates are the same as those of proteins or fats and what causes weight gain is excess calories. Therefore, the carbohydrates ingested at night can not be blamed for the extra pounds or the difficulty in losing weight, but, rather, the quantity of them. So, bet on foods with complex carbohydrates. They are present in whole foods (rice, flour, oats) in vegetables, fruits and vegetables.

This group helps increase blood glucose slowly, causing hunger to take longer to appear. It is also good to avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates and have low amounts of water, such as dough, breads and cakes.

Is eating a meal a good way to lose weight?

Myth. When we skip meals, we stay fast for a long time, which can interfere with weight loss. However, one of the problems may appear at the next meal, as hunger increases and prevents us from being selective in our choices. Another detail: the body's fasting and fasting rhythm also changes and slows down, which can hamper the burning of calories from ingested foods.

Cabbage soup and lemon juice burn fat and accelerate weight loss?
Myth . All food that will be metabolized by the body causes an energy expenditure, but this does not cause weight loss. There are no foods that burn fats.

The effect of soups on weight loss is due to the fact that they are low calorie meals. However, care must be taken: they are very fast absorption foods that do not quench completely, which can lead to hunger even before the next meal.

Eating red meat is bad for health and makes it harder to eat. weight loss?

Myth. Red meat is a very important food for our health as it contains iron that can be easily absorbed. There is no bad food, there is a bad diet.

Therefore, when eating meat, one must pay attention to the amount of fat of each food. Choose leaner meats. Those that contain a lot of fat tend to be very caloric and can interfere with bad cholesterol (LDL).

Consuming tomatoes in natura is better than lycopene supplements

Consuming tomatoes in natura is better than lycopene supplements

Several studies have already proven that fruit and vegetable consumption decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. But what about specific foods such as tomatoes? A study published this year in the scientific journal Advances in Nutrition has investigated this fruit and lycopene supplements.


Benefits of sweet potatoes: helps to lose weight and provides satiety

Benefits of sweet potatoes: helps to lose weight and provides satiety

Sweet potatoes are one of the most consumed tubers in Brazil. And it is not random, because it is rich in fiber, it is considered a food with a medium glycemic index, that is, it gradually increases glycemia. In this way carbohydrates are digested more slowly, delivering energy to the body gradually, not raising insulin levels and thus can aid in weight loss, as the blood insulin spikes stimulate the body to store localized fat.