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Nail strengthening enhancer really works?

Nail strengthening enhancer really works?

Weak nails are one of the main reasons why women seek the dermatologist's office. It is not by chance that there are so many products on the market that promise to strengthen the nails. But can this type of cosmetic product even help with nail health?

First, know that there are two main types of strengthening bases. Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Polish < esters of silicon, among others. These fibers are incorporated into the nail at the time of use, forming a film which, during use of the product alone, will give greater support and support to the nail that is brittle. In addition, there are several nutrients in these formulas, such as cysteine ​​(important in the formation of keratin, nail protein) and silicon (essential for the cohesion and adhesion of keratin fibers) and other moisturizing and emollient components that can be used continuously can actually help restore nail health gradually.

Enamels with formalin

The second type of strengthening base is usually formol based. Formaldehyde up to 5% in enamels is permitted by the National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (ANVISA) with the aim of hardening the nail, so many known products use this compound in its strengthening bases. The concentration of this substance varies greatly, since some combine the latter type of actives to try to reduce the side effects of formaldehyde.

How does formaldehyde work? Basically it causes greater bonding and cohesion between the lamellae (or pieces) of keratin, the protein present in the nails. Thus, the nail is becoming more and more hardened. The problems with this are actually four:

1) This type of strengthener is only suitable for those people who have a softer nail, which is not the case for all people. If your nails are brittle or peeling, this base is probably not for you.

2) Formaldehyde, even when well indicated, can cause allergies. People who develop allergy to formaldehyde have red lesions that scratch around the mouth, neck, and eyelids. There is no way to do this: the ideal for these people is to avoid this type of base and even common polishes that take formaldehyde in their composition, either as a preservative or as a film-forming resin.

3) The bond that occurs in the middle of keratin occurs in a random and indefinite manner, and may damage the nail structure itself. This can lead to scratches and changes in the surface of the nail and loss of water, causing the nail to peel and break, even if it is more hardened.

4) Formalin penetrates the nail plate and may give some side effects such as: nail detachment, pain or tenderness, and bleeding of varying intensity. Chronic use can lead to the formation of a hard skin under the nail that makes it difficult to cut.

To solve some of these problems, dimethylurea appeared, a substitute for formaldehyde, which does not cause allergy or penetrate the plaque.

Care Keeps Your Nails Strong

If you want to have stronger nails there are several ways to prevent nail brittleness.

The complete removal of the cuticle

Prolonged contact with water and chemicals without adequate protection

Excess enameling: always leave the nail one to two days a week without enamel and hydrate it with moisturizing creams.

  • Be aware of the composition of the products you use, the indications and, in the doubt or persistence of symptoms, always consult a dermatologist!
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