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Nathalie has lost 15 kg and celebrates, "I feel much better about myself"

Nathalie has lost 15 kg and celebrates,

New year is always synonymous with promises, but often they take time to fulfill. In the case of Nathalie, a 26-year-old journalist, her biggest project at the turn of 2013 was to take better care of herself. She started doing physical activity, moved to a job she identified herself with, but the ultimate health change decision only began in May 2013 when she started the Diet and Health slimming program. "I met DS when I started working on My Life and it was a time when I was very dissatisfied with my weight and appearance. I decided it was a good chance to change that, "the reporter says. To download the free Diet and Health application, click here.

Nathalie was always overweight, especially after adolescence when she developed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. "It took me a long time to be diagnosed, and in that time I had a great gain in weight and swelling, especially by the deregulated hormones," he recalls. She managed to lose weight a bit when she started having a treatment with an endocrinologist.

She recalled that she had always considered the diet as a restriction, something that she would have to suffer a lot to achieve her goal and so she did not lose weight or try any diet (Discover her ideal weight) . But she still felt unsatisfied with her body, something that only changed today, when she changed from 79 to 64 kg. "Today my self-esteem is much better, I feel more confident, besides having much more pique." A: When I first started working on My Life in April of 2013 I was super unruly with food, and I was not happy about it. in one month I gained over 3 kg, reaching 79 kg. It was a time when I was very dissatisfied with my appearance, I felt bloated and ugly indeed. At that time (May 2013) I went through the process of integrating My Life and I knew more about the Diet and Health, since both are of the same group. I thought it might be a chance to dedicate myself and lose weight without drugs and without depriving me. The next weekend I went to a little bar with my friends and when I saw myself in the photos, I felt terribly fat.

Have you ever tried other diets before?

Nathalie later - Photo: Julio Piccin

A: I've always been to the endocrinologist because of the polycystic ovary syndrome, but ended up changing doctors because of changes in the medical agreement. In 2009 I began to consult with a specialist who, in addition to the treatment of the polycystic ovary, decided to give me medicine to lose weight. I did the treatment and I weighed 68 kg, but when I started to practice I ended up putting the medicine on the side and getting fat back.

What tools helped you most in the weight loss process?

A: I always wrote about health and I have to admit that I always knew how to feed myself. However, I thought it was okay, I was not going to lose weight, and I kept eating what I knew was not healthy just to be happy. When I started marking what I ate in the Diet and Health Diary, I managed to stay within the DS score from day one. Gradually, I began to see where I used my DS Points and change some things I consumed, to get more points in the main meals. I exchanged the whole milk for the skim, the ordinary biscuits for lighter versions and I cut from my day to day items like straw potatoes and fried foods, little by little I was improving my food. That is, I went through a real change of habits, an alimentary reeducation! I've always used the Points Journal more. I marked what I ate every day after meals and ended up scheduling the afternoon snack, always with a margin for dinner. But most important of the diary was to feel that I had to give a satisfaction to myself on what I ate. Every time I popped the stitches, I felt guilty, and so I made healthy exchanges.Did you allude to food reeducation for physical activities?

Nathalie before - Photo: Julio Piccin

A: In January 2013 I went back to doing physical activity twice a week, which helped me in the process of losing weight as well. They were aerobic exercises and with them I gained a cardiovascular and respiratory conditioning that I always needed. When I finished losing weight, I realized that I needed to change also fat for lean mass, and I began to do weight training two to three times a week, interspersed with gym classes.

What were the main obstacles you faced during weight loss and How did you overcome them?

A: I think the biggest challenge of the day was dealing with weekend situations and resisting temptations. My friends love to go out to eat, and for a long time I needed a lot of willpower not to end up decompensating at those meals. Often I would get rid of an entry fries, for example, but I would have a salad with grilled in the main meal, to balance. For many times I also ate salads in restaurants famous for their snacks.

In addition to weight, what was the main change or improvement that came along with your weight loss?

A: In addition to weight, I found several changes in my life. My self-esteem improved a lot, today I buy clothes with a lot more confidence, I feel better when I go out with my friends to bars and ballads, I buy more fair clothes and I feel much better with myself. I also have more disposition, especially after I started doing physical activity. And I just have to thank DS, because without him I would not have found the discipline I needed to get to my goal. The program was the way to organize myself, to better understand what I was missing in my diet and a motivator to change.

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