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Neck prick can be treated with botulinum toxin

Neck prick can be treated with botulinum toxin

The bad reputation of the toxin Botulinum toxin type A comes from its first aesthetic applications in the mid-1990s when injected doses left the forehead smooth, invariably giving all people a frozen face effect.

Botulinum toxin was the first effective weapon in the fight against wrinkles. Its application helps to slow the transformation of expression lines, which are dynamic, into fixed marks.

Over time, the techniques have been improved and the results are better, more natural and harmonic. The use of botulinum toxin does not cause deformities in the face, as some celebrities show. There is a tendency currently to put volume in the face, such as the chin or cheeks, which should be done only if necessary.

Botulinum Toxin x Facial Fill

It is common for people to confuse the application of the botulinum toxin with the facial filling, but they are two different techniques.

Celebrity mouth and cheekbones can be fruit of filling techniques. At first, botulinum toxin was used for expression wrinkles around the eyes and also on the forehead.

When the person laughs or cries, the muscles of the face contract, and often deep lines of expression appear, such as such as the forehead, the crow's feet and the creases between the eyebrows.

Over time, the botulinum toxin has been applied to new points and today the concept of global face modeling, including neck and

"Only the use of botulinum toxin does not cause deformities on the face."

Botulinum toxin in the neck

At the beginning of the use of the drug, its use was limited to isolated areas. Today, the concept of rejuvenating the face as a whole prevails. Among the new possibilities of use is the application of botulinum toxin in the platysma, muscle of the neck region, reducing the jowl in people who do not have advanced flaccidity.

The technique - known as Nefertiti Lift - does not replace plastic , but relaxes the so-called depressor muscles, which make the skin 'fall', giving a sad and tired look to the face.

Despite registration of the application in adolescents, mainly outside Brazil, it is not recommended to apply the medicine before 25 years.

There is no contraindication, but there is no need. In some cases, it is possible to apply botulinum toxin as a way to prevent future markers by analyzing genetic factors, such as very obvious and early chicken legs in parents or other family members.

Genetic factors, sun exposure and other habits, such as smoking, contribute to earlier skin aging and may indicate the application of botulinum toxin earlier.

Other habits, such as contracting the eyes due to lightness or spending many hours in front of the computer may cause the appearance of expression marks that may be softened or eliminated with the medicine.

Tips for achieving straight and hydrated hair without difficulty

Tips for achieving straight and hydrated hair without difficulty

When buying a new shampoo, conditioner or mask of treatment, we are usually taken by advertising that promises a hair just like that of a certain actress or model, does not it? It would be nice if it were simple like that ... It turns out that our locks are daily battered by wind, sun, hot bath, chaplet, stains and other chemical treatments etc.


Chemical treatments in children's hair

Chemical treatments in children's hair

Today it is common to notice children between nine and 13 years of age attending beauty salons to apply chemical procedures to their hair, such as smoothing creams, relaxing creams and even the famous progressive brushes. But such habits have caused serious problems for children's health, since children's hair is still it is not in a position to receive products that remove layers of yarn protection.