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Erika Alk is not a barrier to Erika Alk leaving training

Erika Alk is not a barrier to Erika Alk leaving training

Erika Alk, 39, is a fitness model and economist, she succeeds in instagram while posting her exercise routine and healthy lifestyle. Physical activities became part of Erika's daily life at age 19. "I thought I needed to do some exercise, I tried ballet and other options until I met the bodybuilder, I started to do, I had good results and I fell in love," says Erika .

The changes in food came slowly. "At the age of 19 I was not following a diet that was so close at 25 or 26 years after my marriage, I started a well-fed diet," recalls Erika.

When she was 33, Erika became a mother and the concern with the body increased. "I started taking both food and bodybuilding more seriously," he says. Such dedication caused the weight gained in pregnancy to be lost in 28 days. "I worked until one day before my birth and almost a month after the birth of my son I went back to work, always with the supervision of a physical educator and the authorization of my gynecologist. Eight months after the pregnancy my body was better than before, "she says.

As she turned 40, Erika noticed some changes. "The metabolism changes a lot, there were times when I gained a little weight and to get back I had a hard time and the quality of the skin is going to be lost," Erika

Erika It is about an hour from the gym Monday through Friday. "Since I have a narrow belly, waist and thinner upper part, I prioritize glutes and the inner thighs because I tend to accumulate fat in this area," he explains. She also does 20 minutes of aerobic to warm up before training. At weekends she allows herself a rest and at most takes walks.

Erika's food

Erika eats every three hours. His diet is high in protein and also has complex carbohydrates, green juice in the morning and at least two liters of water a day. It still consumes supplements like Whey Protein, BCAA, Creatine and Glutamine.

Tips to motivate you

Erika spends only one hour a day at the gym - Photo: Getty Images

For moms who want to include exercise and healthy eating routine Erika gives the tips. "It's possible to do everything, my son is very well looked after, but I take care of myself, because I'm not just a mother.There are gyms 24 hours a day and you can wake up at 6:00 a.m. and you can work out. will stick to your child or work 24 hours a day. "

For everyone who wants to include a healthier life in everyday life, Erika also gives a message. "Focus, make your body as good as possible and know that the result will not come overnight."


The model indicates seeking the guidance of trained professionals, such as nutritionist and physical educator. "If you do not have the money for a personal trainer, talk to the gym instructor, but do not do anything with your head."

Tips to set

Tips to set the butt: Erika bets on the glutes six supports, one in which the person stands on all four supporting his elbows, knees and arms on the floor and lifts one leg so that the butt becomes hard.

Tips to set the leg: Erika likes to do the squat, which in addition to strengthening the legs is also good for the butt.

Tips to set the belly: The fitness model invests in pilates exercises done on the ball so that the belly stays flat.

Tips to set the arms: Erika believes that exercising the triceps, the muscle region of the bye, is essential and working the back is also a good idea.

Erika in social networks and internet

Instagram: //instagram.com/erikaalk. Website: //projetobonitaaos40.com.br/

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