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Neurolinguistics helps to understand how the human works

Neurolinguistics helps to understand how the human works

Participating in a sports competition requires determination, discipline and a lot of training. If this competition is a World Cup, the pressure is even greater. The player must be prepared to perform his or her best performance in order to win the ultimate prize: the so-dreamed cup.

In such a situation, anyone can become anxious, nervous and agitated. But this behavior, so common every day, is fatal to the realization of the dream of the player who wants to show his skills in the biggest sporting event of the genre.

Luckily the athlete does not have to pass this test alone: ​​he counts on the help of a technician who assists him in the technical and psychological preparation for the competition.

The line between coach and team must be total. It may seem like a joke when players call the coach a teacher, but this is one of the roles the coach needs to fulfill.

The sportsman has the tech support to balance feelings of insecurity, fear or euphoria. It is essential that he never settle for a mid-level performance knowing that his pupil has the ability to go beyond.

"Through NLP techniques the coach can encourage the player to get to know himself better and understand what his limitations and difficulties are How does neurolinguistics help?

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) helps us understand how a human being works, how his or her subjective experience is structured, that is, how each person interprets what happens to him and how he communicates with others.

Through the techniques of NLP, the coach can encourage the player to get to know him better and to understand his limitations and difficulties and to develop positive behaviors to overcome them. It is important for the coach to know when to step back and let the athlete demonstrate his or her weaknesses so that they can be worked out before the big championship.

Preparing for a sports competition is teamwork, and it is up to the coach to encourage each player to trust himself, to be able to achieve his goals and to face the awards as a consequence of that success.

A good coach keeps a motivating and focused state throughout the team which remains well after the championship final. With the help of NLP, you can train not only well-prepared players for matches, but also people who know each other well and who are champions in every aspect of life.

Text by Alexandre Bortoletto

: Programming Specialist Neurolinguistics (NLP) and instructor of SBPNL - Brazilian Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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