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New bacuri body butter has restorative nourishment and moisturizes skin for up to 24 hours *

New bacuri body butter has restorative nourishment and moisturizes skin for up to 24 hours *

In the Northern Region of Brazil, where it originates, bacuri is a fruit very appreciated and has its pulp used in food. But it offers more than just a good ingredient for culinary recipes: a powerful moisturizing butter is extracted from its seeds.

This is the basis of L'Occitane au Brésil's new restorative nutrition line, Bacuri, whose star is the first brand body butter, able to protect the skin against dryness and moisturize for up to 24 hours *. In addition to this, the line features a body deodorant lotion, a foot cream and a hand cream.

"The bacuri butter used in the formulation of the four products of the line fortifies and repairs the skin barrier, preventing the loss of

Adapted to the Brazilian climate

Thanks to the characteristics of the formula, the appropriate cosmetic ingredients and the technology employed by L'Occitane au Brissil, Bacuri Body Butter has a touch of emollient and light and dry, fast absorption.

"It was specially developed for Brazilian skin considering the climate of the country, with the aid of laboratory and clinical tests" , explains Cecile. "Therefore, Brazilians can use it without fear of getting greasy or oily skin."

The oriental floral fragrance of the Bacuri line is another highlight of the four products. Protected by a bouquet of woods that evokes the rusticity of its seed, the fragrance of the Bacuri line has a light touch of spices.

Hydrated skin is healthy looking and beautiful skin

Hydration is a key factor to maintain the balance, and consequently the healthy appearance of the skin, because your cells need water to perform the biological processes properly.

Without hydration, the skin loses flexibility, shine and elasticity, becomes rough and can

"In order to have a beautiful and pleasant looking skin, it is indispensable to worry about moisturizing and protecting it, avoiding the lack of water causing damage to it", warns Cecile. With the moisturizing power of bacuri butter, the nutrition of the skin is immensely privileged. Bacuri products from L'Occitane au Brésil act to protect against dryness and repair of the entire body's skin, except face, helping to keep it dry, with the advantage of dry touch.

Steps essential for keeping skin moisturized

The duration and temperature of the bath are factors that interfere with the appearance of the skin. Long and very hot, they can affect the natural protection of their surface layers. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to take warm and quick baths.

When the weather is drier, it is allowed to intensify the hydration routine without weight in the conscience, since the environment naturally steals water from the body, leaving the dry skin. The same goes for moments of exposure to the sun, wind and low humidity.

Using the best products on the skin is great, but it is essential to also pay attention to the hydration that comes from inside the body. The most effective way to do this is by drinking lots of fluids.

Finally, if you have any questions, consult a dermatologist. It is the professional indicated to give all the guidelines of proper and correct use of the products for the hydration of the skin of the different parts of the body.

* Corneometry test with 11 volunteers.

Weak nails: diet can change nail health

Weak nails: diet can change nail health

It is common for some people and even many doctors to link between nail changes and nutritional or dietary problems. As is known, the nail apparatus is formed by the nail plate or nail plate, which would be the nail itself, and the skin around. The part underneath the nail is the nail bed and the skin that covers the contour of the nails are the lateral and proximal nail folds.


Laser Liposuction: Understand the Poses and Cons of This Procedure

Laser Liposuction: Understand the Poses and Cons of This Procedure

Laser liposuction is a plastic surgery in which before the fat is aspirated, it is broken with a laser. The procedure is very similar to ordinary liposuction, but it is believed that the laser can facilitate the removal of fat. Other names Lipolaser, laserlipolysis How laser liposuction is done The laser reaches the fat deposits through a cannula with a acclipped optical fiber.