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New method may predict high risk of death from breast cancer

New method may predict high risk of death from breast cancer

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To reach this technology, scholars have analyzed the genetic material changes in the cancer cells from 600 patients using bioinformatics, a new discipline that uses statistics, mathematics and computer science to solve complex problems in the biology of cancer. After studying, they were able to measure up to 240,000 genome traits in cancer cells for each patient.

Studying these genes and two particularities, the authors found that areas of the genome where pieces of DNA are shuffled, with genes missing or in excess, are clearly associated with an increased risk of dying from the disease. The team is now developing a model to identify the exact areas of the genomes and genes that are most often affected by complex changes in the genome.

For the authors, these may be important in the search for a treatment and molecular target for the genome. breast cancer, making it possible to predict which patients are more likely to become seriously ill. With this method, it would be possible to prevent breast cancer patients, but without the risk of developing a more serious condition, receiving aggressive treatment with chemotherapy.

Six doubts of who discovered breast cancer

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Even with more and more advanced treatments, receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer still weighs. "It's certainly an impact news," says psycho-oncologist Luciana Holtz, president of the Oncoguia Institute. "But you have to go after information before you despair," he adds. The chances of cure and the need to change the routine are some of the points that cause the most doubts. Experts on the subject indicate information that will help patients who have just received a diagnosis to conquer this moment with more serenity.

There is always help

"No matter the stage where the cancer was discovered, there is always help the patient, "says psycho-oncologist Luciana Holtz, president of the Oncoguia Institute. According to her, oncologist Anderson Arantes Silvestrini, president of the Society, said that the medical follow-up could improve the patient's quality of life, helping to control pain or provide more comfort.

Each case is a case

Brazilian Society of Clinical Oncology (SBOC), increasingly the treatment of cancer has been individualized, which increases the chances of success and reduces the side effects. Consequently, the results can be varied even for two people who have the same type of cancer and receive the same treatment.

Clinical trials

It is recommended that the cancer patient accompany the dissemination of clinical research with their physician . After all, according to the oncologist Anderson, this may be the only option for access to a treatment and cutting-edge medications for some patients. Before investing, however, it is imperative to discuss your benefits with the specialist who follows the case.

Start a diary

After the diagnosis of cancer, what is not lacking is doubtful. For this reason, the psycho-oncologist Luciana recommends that her patients start a diary, in which they will write down how they spent each day, which doubts have arisen and which symptoms have appeared. "This makes it easier for medical appointments and prevents the patient from forgetting to ask anything."

Second opinion

"Having confidence in the medical team that is taking care of your case improves adherence to treatment," says oncologist Anderson. However, going after other specialists because you were not satisfied with the prognosis or because you think he did not ask for as many tests as he should could create false delusions and even refer you to less qualified specialists.

Next day pill: how to use, advantages and side effects

Next day pill: how to use, advantages and side effects

The next day pill is a method that can be used to prevent pregnancy after unsafe sexual intercourse. Although it is interpreted as a practical solution to avoid unwanted pregnancy, this The Types The market offers two types of pills the next day: Cartel with 1 tablet containing 1.5mg of levonorgestrel Tablet with 2 tablets: each of 0.


Blood type O is less likely to have a stroke and stroke

Blood type O is less likely to have a stroke and stroke

Knowing your blood type can be as important to cardiovascular health as routine check-ups to check cholesterol levels and blood pressure. This is what a new study published in the Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology , a journal of the American Heart Association Journal points out. The most rare type, AB, was the most vulnerable, while the most popular group, type O, was rated as the least likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.