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New Oral-B Electric Brushes Ensure Deep Cleaning and a Revolution in Brushing

New Oral-B Electric Brushes Ensure Deep Cleaning and a Revolution in Brushing

Caries, plaque, gingivitis and blemishes are just the tip of the iceberg of inadequate oral hygiene. Lack of brushing and poorly cleaned can favor everything from the most common oral infections to cardiovascular diseases - because bacteria accumulated in the teeth can enter the bloodstream and reach the heart, hampering its functioning and increasing the risk of problems such as heart attack.

Brushing the teeth is a simple act, but for the oral hygiene to be complete it is necessary to use dental floss, tongue scraper and, to complement, mouth rinse. Floss should be used at least once a day to remove debris deposited in the areas between the teeth. The tongue scraper is able to remove the lingual plaque, that is, the whitish plaque that covers the surface of the tongue. The use of mouthwash with fluoride is important mainly at night, because during sleep the salivation decreases and thus the protective effect of the saliva against the bacteria is impaired.

Several technologies can help to have a proper brushing and with this prevent disease. Oral Care products are the first brand to launch a product of this type in the country.

The proven 3D technology of these products helps eliminate up to 100% more plaque than ordinary hand toothbrushes. Increasing the efficiency of brushing can prevent the buildup of tartar and plaque, dental caries and gum problems. The Oral-B Professional Care 5000 brush is the main model, which features a digital wireless monitor and 3D motion technology: oscillation, rotation and pulsation.

Adequate hygiene at the right time

Did you know that proper brushing should last two minutes and be performed three times a day? Those who do not reach this mark may be failing in oral hygiene. That's why the new line of Oral-B electric brushes comes equipped with a timer which, in addition to assisting in this control, offers a wide range of features for exceptional cleaning, such as detecting correct pressure and signaling and guiding the consumer brushing all areas of the mouth.

The highlight of the new line is Oral-B Professional Care 5000, which provides top-level, tooth-to-tooth cleaning with up to 8,800 rotational movements and 40,000 heartbeat movements per minute, thanks to 3D technology. Because of this technology, bristles penetrate deeper to clean hard-to-reach places and can help reverse cases of gingivitis and provide healthier gums. It also features smart technology, where the brush head, cable, and monitor work together to help consumers brush their teeth more effectively. For example, if you are pushing hard to brush your teeth, at risk of causing gum inflammation, or wearing down your tooth enamel, making brushing less effective, the cable communicates with the wireless monitor and provides a signal, showing a sad little face on the screen.

And the battery?

Most electric brushes are battery powered, which does not guarantee maximum brush performance at all times, as the battery gradually loses energy along the use. Oral-B's electric brushes are rechargeable, maintaining 100% performance for 100% of the time. If you notice that the battery is running out, simply plug it in.

Oral-B Professional Care 5000

Oral-B Professional Care 5000 - Disclosure

  • Wireless Digital Monitor for Custom Brushes
  • 3D Motion Technology: Oscillation, Rotation, and Pulse
  • Five Cleaning Modes: Sensitivity, Bleaching, Deep Cleaning, Massaging and Daily Cleaning
  • Digital Time and Time Indicator (9 seconds)
  • Triple pressure sensor
  • Up to 48,800 movements per minute
  • Suggested retail price: R $ 349,00

Oral-B Professional Care 500

Oral-B Professional Care 500 - Dissemination

  • Technology with 3D movements: oscillation, rotation and pulsation
  • Brush time indicator per mouth quadrant (30 seconds for each of the 4 quadrants)
  • Oral-B Vitality
  • Oral-B Vitality - Disclosure
  • Technology with 2D movements: oscillation and rotation

2 minute timer

Up to 8,800 movements per minute

  • Price suggested: $ 99.00.

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