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New toxins and devices to treat wrinkles and flaccidity

New toxins and devices to treat wrinkles and flaccidity

At every meeting of aesthetics and dermatology, history always repeats itself: on the one hand studies consecrate existing techniques, on the other, revolutionary treatments emerge.


To combat wrinkles, we have three major groups of treatments:

1 - Botulinum Toxin (Botox, Dysport and Prosigne)

We have already talked about other articles on toxin, but it is worth talking here that, even today, the toxin is a great weapon in the fight against wrinkles and that two new brands are entering the market, Syax and Xeomin, which are two toxins of Korean and German origin respectively. The choice of botulinum toxin will depend on the ease of handling by your physician regarding results, cost of medication and durability of the same, new options are welcome, however, it is difficult to exchange a brand adapted by the doctor who has good

2- Filler

The novelties we have about fillers are many, ranging from the use in new techniques of the newplastic to the fills based on hydroxyapatite. Polymethylmethacrylate, the so-called PMMA - Newplastic , is a definitive implant, worth saying that it is a reliable medication and excellent results since it is performed by a trained professional.

Radiesse filling, Hydroxyapatite Calcium, is already released for use in Brazil. It promises to have increased durability and so it does. It ranges from one year and two months to two years. Those who already have experience with medication know that with a much smaller amount of the product works larger areas, making cost-benefit much better. The medication can be applied in several areas, being able to treat the Chinese mustache, lip contours, cheeks, nasogenian grooves, with the minimum reaction after the application.

Restylane Vital, the renowned hyaluronic acid is still excellent among fillers, thanks to its effectiveness and safety. However, it is not definitive and has its durability for six to 14 months. This new version, Restylane Vital, is already available for use in Brazil, has a lighter structure than the original, being a find for those who have finer skins, reason that would bring an artificial result with other products. It promises to be a great moisturizer and stimulate a new collagen. It has to be done in some sessions.

Elevess, expected to arrive in Brazil, is also a hyaluronic acid developed by Galderma. It is an acid that has in its formulation larger particles and more in quantity per milliliter, promising to give greater volume to the lips and filling wrinkles. Some works say the results are 30% longer.

The choice of botulinum toxin will depend on the ease of manipulation by your physician regarding the results, cost of medication and durability of the same

3- Devices

The great novelty in terms of wrinkle treatment devices is Pearl, and its new version was recently released at a congress in San Francisco, Pearl Fraction. Already used in Brazil, a device of the company Cutera North American, is a fractionated laser device that treats not only wrinkles, but also sagging and scars. It has thermal action, removes part of the epidermis, stimulating the collagen. Although there is a need for anesthetic ointment, it has its advantages over other lasers and plastic surgery: it does not leave scars, it does not need cuts and its recovery is very fast. The place is with crusts of four to five days and with swelling that regresses in two days. Who has already approved approves its visible result. There is a need for one to three sessions and some patients are satisfied with one session.

Facial Flaccidity

Fortunately, today we already have established options for the treatment of sagging, corrected only by surgery. But, and for those who are not able to perform it or for those who do not want to have surgery?

1- Titan

The North American company, and it is already present in the daily life of the clinics considered here in Brazil. It is an infrared device that heats the dermis and contracts the collagen fibers of the site, promoting the stimulation of a new collagen within six months of application. There is no skin attack or scaling. Three applications are needed and soon in the first session there is already an improvement in skin flaccidity and texture (immediate lifting). 30% of patients may not notice this immediate effect but will notice it when a new collagen is formed.

2- Tightskin

TightSkin is a high-tech laser that works on the dermis. It uses German technology but its manufacture is national. Indicated for facial rejuvenation also of the hands and lap. It makes your skin look more beautiful, with more shine and smoothness. It has excellent results against sagging, promoting the contraction of collagen in a uniform way. Depending on the type and tonality of the skin, you will need eight to 12 sessions, which can be performed once or twice per week. The durability of the treatment is from six months to a year, and can be optimized if you are following the advice and guidance of your doctor.

3 - Polylactic Acid

Consecrated for improving face contour, eliminating fine wrinkles and erase acne scars (these are some of the benefits you can have with filler products) by adding volume and leveling the skin.

This is an injectable polylactic acid (allergy-free) product that reacts with own skin and promotes the revitalization of the face and neck, reducing flaccidity.

For a good result three sessions with an average interval of one month are necessary. The less flabby skin may be interval for a period of two years.

Chemical treatments in children's hair

Chemical treatments in children's hair

Today it is common to notice children between nine and 13 years of age attending beauty salons to apply chemical procedures to their hair, such as smoothing creams, relaxing creams and even the famous progressive brushes. But such habits have caused serious problems for children's health, since children's hair is still it is not in a position to receive products that remove layers of yarn protection.


Why Are Women Losing More Hair?

Why Are Women Losing More Hair?

In the last 10 years I have followed a change in the profile of patients seeking treatments for hair loss. If in the past men were the big ones concerned about the aesthetic and psychosocial effects related to baldness, with each passing day we observed a larger number of women suffering from the problem.