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New Treatments Help Treat Stretch Marks Efficiently

New Treatments Help Treat Stretch Marks Efficiently

Teens have. Pregnant women may have. People who live fat and lose weight too. The stria appears when the skin stretches and, even if it can be stretched, there is a limit. If the pressure is greater than the skin can handle, it breaks. The stria is nothing more than this breakup of the skin. It is a skin problem that at one time or another will appear in your life. But what also appeared are the numerous ways to prevent and soften these famous (and dreaded) stripes on the skin. As many people do not know, the treatment of stretch marks is quite effective, and may leave them barely visible.

Men suffer from the problem when they get very fat (belly and arms are the most affected areas) and do not have well-hydrated skin

Women suffer more

Yes, they are the most affected with stretch marks than men. This is due to the fact that women have two hormones - progesterone and estrogen - that are primarily responsible for the rupture of the elastic fibers of the skin. Men suffer from the problem when they get very fat (belly and arms are the most affected areas) and do not have well-moisturized skin, since skin dryness impairs their natural elasticity, and when there is a need to stretch the skin, there is greater ease of breakage of the elastic fibers and the consequent appearance of the striations.

White or reddish

At first, when they appear, the striations are reddish / pink. It is at this stage that they are easier to deal with. If you consult a dermatologist soon, the right cream can kill them faster. When they become whitish (or pearly, as some speak) it is because they are already "adult", there the treatment needs to be deeper, it takes longer and may involve peeling.

What causes estria

Fattening and slimming: the striae usually appear more in people who always gain and lose weight, the well-known accordion effect. This is because, as weight increases, the epidermal cells do not have time to double in the proportion that new fat cells require. Thus, stretch marks appear in regions where weight gain is greater, such as in the buttock, belly, arms, thighs and breasts.

Stretch stage: when rapid growth occurs during puberty and adolescence , the body needs time to adapt to organ growth, and when this does not occur, the stria appears. That's why a lot of teens, even skinny, have stretch marks.

Jet Muscles: When your muscles appear too fast, they eventually stretch your skin too much and break your fibers. The result? Stretch marks! So, get rid of taking supplements on your own. If you want increased muscle, it is best to consult the dual physical trainer and nutritionist.

Using creams, leaving the skin always moisturized, taking care of being overweight and not sunbathing without protector help in prevention

Pregnancy: the hormones of pregnancy along with weight gain and belly growth can lead to the appearance of stretch marks. Therefore, it is fundamental to control the weight (the good thing is to fatten one kilo per month) but also to try to leave the skin hydrated with oils and powerful moisturizing creams. Nowadays, there are specific products for the skin of the pregnant woman, okay? Opt for them, which are more effective.

Skin dryness: sun abuse can contribute to the appearance of stretch marks. The sun leaves the fibers more fragile and compromises their properties. Very hot baths that remove the protective layer of the skin and lack of hydration also facilitate the appearance of stretch marks.

To prevent

Always use moisturizers and oils with moisturizing properties (those based on urea, grape seed oil and almond oil have the most moisturizing power) after bathing because it is when the skin absorbs the product is the first way to avoid them. As well as controlling weight, do not abuse hot baths and the sun without sunscreen. And remember: from the first sign of estria, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. The quicker you start to take care of the problem, the faster and easier it fades out of your skin.

Treatments That Solve

There are several types that work. Forget the myth that stria has no cure. But only those who can say it with 100% certainty is your dermatologist, it is no use even asking for a peeling, for example. The most accurate are:

Fraxel laser SR 1500: This laser is ideal for the more mature streaks, the whitish, because it performs microperforations on the skin, which will respond with healing of collagen. You need at least three sessions at fortnightly or monthly intervals to see the results.

Pulsed light: it is a kind of laser that treats red, brown skin lesions and microvessels. It is ideal for erasing stretch marks in the initial phase. Five to eight sessions are necessary.

Transcision: This is a surgical procedure in which the physician inserts a fine needle with a micro-biscuit at the tip, this instrument is specific for stretch marks. The professional takes off the sides, the top and bottom of the skin, breaking the elastic fibers of the place. In this way, the stria is filled by new collagen and its edges unite, becoming imperceptible. This technique presents very satisfactory results and requires the use of elastic band for three months. One session is required.

Peeling: it is performed by sanding the skin as well, due to the abrasive action of aluminum oxide microcrystals. The peeling gently removes the superficial layers of the epidermis, which leads to cell regeneration, ie, you gain a new skin. It is best suited for older, whitish striations.

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Because it is a surgery done in such a delicate region, causing prolonged swelling and tenderness in the region, the postoperative demands more care, mainly to avoid the friction in the region. Rest Patient needs to rest for one to two days, after which she can go back to work, even if there is no intercurrence.


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