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Angela Passig de Oliveira changed a life history in months and lost 16.7 kg

Angela Passig de Oliveira changed a life history in months and lost 16.7 kg

The extra pounds have always been part of the life of Ângela Passig. Chubby child, began to worry about weight as early as adolescence, when he was 1.67 m and 58 kg. "I was already chubby and I was careful not to gain even more weight (find out your ideal weight)," he says. And so it was until she was 29, when she became pregnant with her first child.

The joy of becoming a mother came with 10 kg, which were gone. The second gestation, in turn, earned him another 20 kg. "I went through an emotionally complicated period at that time and my escape was food," he explains. So, even nursing and trying to adapt her routine to two small children, she could not afford to lose weight.

Angela before and after

For Angela, the first sign of weight gain was the wardrobe. "He changed completely, I only wore leggings and pants, so I did not even bother to get dressed." The situation, which she said lasted two long years, was marked by numerous embarrassing situations ranging from the obligation to wear few clothes on a walk to the beach until she was forced to explain that despite her protruding belly she was not pregnant.

At the end of 2010, another challenge: the closing celebration of the company where the husband worked would be done at a beach resort. Even though she knew she did not have enough time to change, Angela began her quest for some method that made her lose weight and one of the proposals she found was that of the Diet and Health. "I made the initial evaluation, started to follow the e-mails that I would receive it, but I thought it would not work, that it would be another magic formula ready, "he reports.

The last straw came only at the beginning of the following year, when he heard from his husband" love, you gave a fat one. " On that day, Angela made a decision. Angela lost 17kg with health

Determined to solve her weight problem once and for all, Angela became a subscriber of the Diet and Health weight loss program. "I liked it from the beginning and the excitement was growing more and more, as the pounds lost, "he says. Two weeks later, her sister started participating in the program. Some time later, his maid also became part of the community.

The process evolved gradually, but had its ups and downs. "As in the winter here in the south, where I live, it's very cold, I had a hard time keeping up the habit of drinking enough water throughout the day, and for some time I did not faithfully follow the steps to carry out a real food re-education." It took a few months, but finally Angela understood that achieving her goal depended solely on herself.


"What helped me the most in the Diet and Health

was the community and the points counter "says Angela. The first served as a true therapy, thanks to the many people gathered for the same purpose. Through it, it was possible to find motivation to resist temptations and to maintain discipline. "I do not spend a day away from the community and I always learn new tips and recipes with friends there," he says.

The accountant was instrumental in controlling eating. "I include in him everything I eat, from a bullet to main meals," he explains. She says that for weeks she does not leave out anything she consumes and publish everything on her personal blog.

Angela's other secret was to bet on the site's recipes. With them it was easy to prepare light and tasty dishes. "I love cooking, so I prepare all my meals," he says. If you could summarize the Diet and Health

in a single expression, Angela would say "quality of life". Through the program she achieved a balanced diet, health and high self-esteem. "Today I know that I do not have to be a hostage of restrictive and crazy diets, but I also know that some foods should be consumed in moderation.What changed

Angela was already a victim of high cholesterol, but did not know how to take care and ended up leaving aside the exams she was supposed to redo. His family was also a victim of frozen and fast-food practices. For her, dressing up and displaying her body did not seem to make sense and, above all, it was embarrassing.

Today, she not only controlled her cholesterol, but also found that she had a good HDL (good cholesterol) level. Both her husband and her two children also started to eat better, including fruits, vegetables and vegetables on their daily dishes. Another major change occurred in his wardrobe, which went from size 46 (G) to 40 (M). "How good it is to go to a store and buy the clothes I want and not the only one that suits me." The biggest change, however, was in relation to his self-esteem. "My safety is reflected in my work, in my relationships, in my marriage, and in my whole life. I have not yet reached my goal, but I have come back to love me, to get dressed, to make-up myself and to feel very well." account.

Take the fry and put the grilled on the plate

Take the fry and put the grilled on the plate

It is difficult to resist the delicious fried snacks, always very appetizing. It's even more complicated to change a nice steak to the parmegiana for a grilled chicken fillet. But in spite of the crunchy feeling that the fritters provide to the palate, there is plenty of reason for you to make the exchange beneficial to your health.


BMI: calculate your here

BMI: calculate your here

The acronym IMC stands for Body Mass Index and correlates a person's weight in kilograms with their height. It is used to detect cases of obesity or malnutrition, especially in studies For the evaluation of an individual patient, however, it may be flawed by not taking into account the composition of this body weight, which may be composed of fat, muscles, water and bone structures Calculate your BMI The BMI is calculated by dividing the weight by the raised height squared.