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Nine make-up mistakes that shake your image

Nine make-up mistakes that shake your image

Women wear make-up for a number of reasons: getting prettier, improving self-esteem, impressing or simply why they like it. But they do not always make the best impact in the eyes of the beloved or a suitor. In the eagerness to look perfect, many make ugly, destroying make - and encounter! We put together the nine most common mistakes made by them and talked to makeup artist Alexandre Krizek, who gave us tips on how to avoid these disorders!

1st: Eyes "80s"

Eye makeup well exaggerated, with a well defined shade of vibrant colors and almost to the eyebrow remind you of the 80's?

Shadow 80's - Photo Getty Images

Make-up artist Alexandre Krizek says there's nothing better than denoting modernity and sophistication. "So make sure your make-up fits well, without blemishes or marks," he says.

Choosing the color of the shadow depends a lot on the feat you want to give your eyes. Those who have very small eyes and want to increase them should choose a light color for the concave and dark out.

If, instead, you want to leave your eyes smaller, use the shades of brown, which gets very soft. In a production for night, it can be very black, always passing the pencil inside the eye.

For close-knit eyes, the tip is to lighten the inner part of the eyelid and to blur the outside with a more tone dark. For separate eyes, opt for a dark shade across the entire eyelid.

sticky lips - Photo Getty Images

2nd: Base of different color

Face with a very thick layer of base, so-called plaster, or the difference between the color of the face and the neck, the so-called mask, is to scare even. Super tan or pale ghost equal, no matter the poor print, the skin cover should be as natural as possible.

But Krizek gives the hint and says that in order not to err in choosing the base color, take a test applying a small amount of the product in the apple of the face. "If it becomes invisible, bet on the chosen tone." Another tip is the base type: opt for the oil-free, oil-free version to avoid the appearance of oily skin.

3rd: Sticky lips

Not even the most passionate boy in the world is able to relieve a mouth melecada The gloss was made to shine, just not to drip and sticking.

Clown Blush - Photo Getty Images

4th: Dirty lipstick

Even more so when the lipstick is a strong color, it is best to choose a thin and light product applied in a small amount. , such as red, wine or brown, for example. The trick is to double your attention and always, always check in the mirror when you pass the lipstick. "It's also worth 'cleaning' your teeth with a tissue or with clean fingers," says Alexandre.

5º: Clown style blush

The blush serves to give a healthier and brighter appearance. But it's important to apply the right way.

To avoid this disorder, Krizek says that the ideal is to blur the product well with the aid of a specific brush for this purpose. Make upward movements from the cheekbones to the temples.

Mascara - Photo Getty Images

6º: "Face of plaster" If you want a look with a beach face, change the blush for a tanning powder. "

Overdoing the base, concealer and dust is a common mistake. In the eagerness to rectify all the possible imperfections, many women end up exaggerating in these products. The result is an embarrassed, dough-faced skin even.

Krizek explains that the liquid base is the lightest and does not leave the face looking heavy. "Apply the compact powder with a brush to avoid making the makeup thick and not loaded," he says.

7º: Exaggerating mascara

It is worth applying several layers of eyelash mascara to give more impact to the look, since you take care that you do not take Emilia's face. Eyelashes glued to each other make flying lose all the strength of the look.

Eyelash-filled eyelashes also keep away any suitors. Other than that you still run the risk of suffering with blurred eyelids at the end of the encounter, in the biggest panda style. The makeup artist explains that if you want a long and well defined eyelash, always prefer an elongating mask, which will leave the desired effect and using a smaller amount of the product.

Lipstick - Photo Getty Images

8º: Super Lips

Many women want to appear to have a larger mouth and end up using lipstick out of the lips, or even drawing "new lips" with lipstick.

To look like you have bigger lips, try using the lipstick around the edges of your lips, not outside them. And make sure the pencil is the same shade of your lipstick. Spilling a little lip gloss in the center of the mouth to give volume also helps. Another alternative is pump products that have this function.

9º: Eyebrows

Alexandre Krizek explains that rounded eyebrows denote a lot of fun and joy, so some men may not take the woman very seriously. Already, the drooping eyebrows look sadder. And you need to be radiant in your date, right?

Eyebrows darker than hair also look strange and carry the look. It gets old.

If you discolor your hair, take advantage of it to discolor your eyebrows a bit too, so you do not get so discolored.

Always opt for well-shaved, symmetrical eyebrows. "If you have any flaws, correct it with a pencil for eyebrows of the same color," says the makeup artist.

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