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Nine tricks turbinate hair moisturizers at home

Nine tricks turbinate hair moisturizers at home

It is not everyone who has the time - and money - to go to the beauty salon frequently to get hydrated, but that can not be used as an excuse to have hair on the wires. Moisturizing the locks at home is economical and, depending on the product chosen, may require very little space in your schedule. "Today, with advanced hair nutrition technologies, the molecules are able to penetrate the hair fibers in less time," says hairdresser Ruben Navarro, of Club Capelli, in Rio de Janeiro.

Choose the right cream

The first step to powerful hydration is to choose the right cream for your hair type. According to Paulo Schettini, a hair stylist at MG Hair in São Paulo, there is no point in choosing a cream just by indication or price: it must be specific to your hair type: dry, oily, mixed ... Anyone who has chemicals in the hair, for example, can choose creams that recover the damage caused by the chemical process.

Consistency also counts when choosing the cream. "The ideal thing is that the consistency is normal - neither hard nor too thin.It makes it easier to apply the cream, so that it is well spread on the hair fibers", says Ruben Navarro.

The beauty market also has ampoules, which are just as effective as creams. Carlos Henrique Fernandes, hair stylist MG Hair, teaches that the way of use is very similar to some moisturizing creams: just use shampoo, conditioner and pass the ampoule on the wires. "It is so practical that it can even be used during the bath - just wait five minutes and rinse," he says.

The choice of the best ampoule follows the same criteria as the cream. "It has post-tincture ampoules, for dry hair, for bulky hair and so on," says Carlos.

Wash the wires well

Before leaving the cream or the ampoule, the hair must be fine clean. For those who use a lot of product in the hair - such as leave in and ointment - Paulo Schettini advises, prior to hydration, to wash with an anti-waste shampoo, followed by the shampoo commonly used. "The deep cleansing shampoo removes all residues and opens the scales of the hair, so that the cream penetrates better, while the regular shampoo begins to treat even before hydration", justifies the hair stylist.

After washing, do not leave hair soaked. "Use a towel to remove excess water from the threads, since it can oxidize the nutrients contained in the cream, disrupting the process," says hairdresser Ruben Navarro. In addition, water is responsible for thinning the cream, which also decreases its effectiveness.

Enjoy to untangle

Many people, especially those with more frizzy hair, have difficulty untangling the yarn. How about using the softness provided by the cream to do this? Using the hands to apply the cream and massage the hair, besides taking away the nuisances us, also potentiates the effect of the mask. "Start at the back of the head and massage wick by wick, passing your fingers through the wires until you reach the front," teaches the hair stylist Paulo Schettini.

Hot towel on the head

After the massage on the wicks, the hair can rest quietly in its corner. It is also useful to use a wider comb or a racket brush, being careful not to break the threads. But the recurring habit of wearing thermal caps is not recommended. This is because, according to Paulo Schettini, it can overheat the wires, damaging its structure. Therefore he advises the use of a warm towel. "Just soak the towel in the hot water from the shower and twist to get the excess. The hot towel will make the mask look more powerful," says the hair stylist. Another thing that can be done is to wrap your hair in film paper, which will not overheat and potentiate hydration.Follow the recommended time

There is no use exceeding the time indicated on the product label, thinking that this will achieve better results. For example, if a mask has quick action (three to five minutes), it should be left only this time. "Spending that time will not increase the effect," says Paulo Schettini.

A cold water bath

When rinsing, prefer cold or at most lukewarm water. "The cold water makes the hair brighter because it closes the scales of the threads," justifies Paulo Schettini. But we know that it is not always easy to deal with the cold water in the shower, especially if weather conditions do not help. For this, Ruben Navarro gives the solution: "Bottled mineral water is also a good option for those who do not support cold water from the shower."

Remove all residue

Another habit that many think is correct, but not brings nothing good to the hair, is to leave a little cream on the hair, even after washing, in the illusion that the cream will continue to act even after rinsing. "The consistency of the nutrition creams is heavier and thus can leave the dirty-looking and extremely oily-looking yarns, so it's important to remove them nicely," explains Ruben Navarro. The experts interviewed indicate the use of leave in after washing - it will moisturize the hair and was made not to be rinsed.

Tips for achieving straight and hydrated hair without difficulty

Tips for achieving straight and hydrated hair without difficulty

When buying a new shampoo, conditioner or mask of treatment, we are usually taken by advertising that promises a hair just like that of a certain actress or model, does not it? It would be nice if it were simple like that ... It turns out that our locks are daily battered by wind, sun, hot bath, chaplet, stains and other chemical treatments etc.


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