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No euphoria: what to do when you do not like the World Cup?

No euphoria: what to do when you do not like the World Cup?

Streets painted green and yellow, the constant noise of vuvuzelas, Brazilian selection wearing the population. Anywhere you go today, you will not talk about anything other than World Cup.

But who does not like football, let alone this event? What to do so you do not get bored with the mood of euphoria? And for those who do not get involved, can they lose in some way?

For Unesp psychologist Sandra Leal Calais, the biggest loss is giving up the chance to integrate with a group of people and share experiences, whether they are the feeling of victory or in defeat.

"There are few opportunities to demonstrate patriotism today. In the case of football, if the crowd is gathered in a public place, like in a square or a bar, and if you have the green shirt and yellow, the chance of someone sharing a common feeling is great, and that experience is very interesting. "

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For 60-year-old businesswoman Edna Gama, feeling patriot does not exist anymore. She does not like to enjoy the World Cup, because she believes that, "winning the games seems more of an obligation, since the players make a lot of money to do such work."

She recalls that in the 1960s and 1970s, it was possible to perceive the love of football, the national team played with a feeling of love for the motherland.Nowadays, Brazilian players stop playing in their country to play abroad, where they win more, "says the businesswoman.

Wilson Silveira , 32, also does not like when the year is World Cup. The advertiser prefers to practice any other activity with people who think like him, believing that he tends to be more qualitative.

"Playing chess, for example, is very good. many points in common that would not be noticed on other occasions, "he clarified.

No conflicts

Play clean. If you do not like to get involved with the World Cup, you do not have to lie to everyone saying you like just to please. But it also does not have to be a forceful speech about the little importance it gives to the world for an audience that is a fan of the card.

"To avoid a social conflict, expose your opinion only when it is requested. Sandra. In order to escape from the sporting event, it is best to try to do activities that do not draw attention to who is involved with the World Cup, because the will of both parties must be respected.

"At the moment the ball is rolling, time to shop in a store, where salespeople are likely to be with a TV connected.Try to read books, take a walk or take a nap, "suggests the psychologist.

Do you have a social problem?

Every time which has a commemorative date - where people come together to celebrate, such as New Year's Eve, Carnival, Christmas or your birthday - do not you usually take part in the festivities? If this happens frequently, it's worth reflecting. "If a person realizes that they have difficulty relating to others in collective events, for whatever reason, they may have problems with socializing. to see only the negative side, and yes, to analyze the side of union and fraternization, "explains Sandra Calais.

Elderly travelers: understand what care the elderly should have

Elderly travelers: understand what care the elderly should have

According to IBGE data, more than 23 million Brazilians have already reached 60 years of age. As a result, the elderly have become a significant part of the Brazilian population. Studies show that leisure-related motivations such as: trips, trips, physical exercises, music, dance, cinema, theater, among others, specifically designed for older people can keep them physically and intellectually more active, helping to delay or ward off the more common diseases at that stage.


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I kept thinking about this expression "tomorrow you never know" and, like every good bullfighter, impossibility of amusing myself with the uncertain. I know, this is silly, since there is no point in trying to control the future. Still, my little sense of life says quietly. What torture, my foot upon the ground.