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Without suffocation: a shopping guide for the first suit

Without suffocation: a shopping guide for the first suit

You, boy, always lived happily in life with his light, loose and basic style, it is not? You may have forgotten that your days of glory and comfort have been or will go away as soon as you get a job that demands to work in a suit. If that's not your case, do not worry. You will not escape the suit anyway. Even if it's to go to a relative's marriage.

Getting dressed every day can be seen as a real nightmare in a man's life. But it is not to be. Today there are many models and formats that seek comfort and elegance. So you do not have to suffer from it. As we already know that buying a suit is not a simple task (and it does not come cheap), we call fashion consultant Guilherme Cury to give infallible tips to those who are going to venture out for the first time.

First step

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The suit is a traditional piece in a men's wardrobe, but anyone who has never worn it may be surprised, because, aside from the serious air it confers, it also limits the movements of the body. "The man should be careful to find a suit that can be used every day in comfort, and always remember to try on the blazer and the pants, checking if the sleeve is not too long and if the shoulder is with the right trim. "

Most common colors

If you need a suit to work the ideal is to invest in the most sober colors. "Black is infallible, but it's nice to have some other color choice.A mid-to-dark gray or navy blue are classic. Chalk-line or even chess-suited suits are more elegant and can be good options for an important event" , says Guilherme Cury.

Types of cuts

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There are three types of traditional cuts of a suit. And each gives a different effect on the body. The American cut, for example, by being broader and looser. It hides the ways of the wearer and therefore does not look so good for thinner men.

"If you want to look more modern, the European cut, or Italian, is the right choice. It is tapered, with narrower sleeves, more square shoulders and slim-fitting trousers, adjusted on the thighs.Today it is possible to find variations of the Italian cut, such as the slim suit, which is much more adjusted to the body.The important thing is to try the different types and find what fits best with your profile ", explains Guilherme.

Attention to detail

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Ideally, the lapel should follow the shape of the man's body. A torso that is too wide or too full asks for a lapel that is not too thin. If the torso is smaller, prefer medium or thin lapels. The pointed shapes help to lengthen the torso and silhouette, so who needs more volume, they are advised.

The width of the tie follows the tip of the lapel. The broad trunk asks for a wide tie and vice versa. "It's important to have several types and colors of ties. Today the most modern model on the market is the slim, narrow ties," says Guilherme Cury. It is important to note that the color of the tie is according to the style of the person, but depending on the work environment, it is good to avoid the flashy or bright colors.

Jackets: Two or three buttons?

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Two-button suit jackets are usually the ones that have the widest collar and the slim suits. The three-button models are the most traditional. Either type is indicated for day to day use. "But a more classic suit may be a bit more comfortable for the job, remembering that the last button should always be open," says Guilherme."For those who are starting to work in social attire, it is advisable to have at least six shirts, from basic colors such as white, black, blue or lead, to scratches, plaid or striped for a change", indicates Guilherme Cury.


Pants are the part of the social clothing that needs to be comfortable. Perhaps the tendency of those who have never bought one is to use them more broadly, but the way is not quite there. "There is no exaggeration that requires extra help," said Guilherme.

In relation to the bar, , Guilherme Cury teaches that they should cover the shoe, but not too much so as not to disturb the walk. Ideally, it should be a little above the heel of the shoe, which, in fact, should always be a buckle or a shoelace.

Botulinum toxin can leave expressionless face

Botulinum toxin can leave expressionless face

Recently I came from a congress in Paris where a dermatologist showed people who overdose botulinum toxin. He called them "strippers" because they present a totally changed face. The white skin, without color, with the appearance of skin without energy and the totally strange traits. These characteristics make the person run out of expression, making it hard to see if she is happy or sad.


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