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Men with "curved penis" have a higher risk of developing cancer, says study

Men with

For the first time scientists have discovered that the disease of peyronie, - also known to cause a curvature in the penis causing it to stand up, to the side or down, may be related to health complications in men.

A study conducted by Baylor College in Houston found that men who have health status have a 40% greater chance of developing testicular cancer. Similarly, these patients also have a 29% higher chance of developing melanoma and 40% greater chance of developing stomach cancer.

For the accomplishment of the study the researchers analyzed the genetic material of parents and children living with peyronie and found that they shared a set of genes capable of predisposing people to the types of malignancies cited.

According to the scientists peyronie's disease affects between 3% and 7% of men. However, this number may be masked and some cases are no longer being diagnosed by a reluctance of the male public to report this condition to physicians.

The researchers believe that further studies are needed to prove the relationship between disease of peyronie and increased risk of cancer. But they point out the need for diagnosis and follow-up of the disease.

Is every penis curvature peyronie?

It is not every penis curvature that can be considered peyronie. Small deviations of the penis are evaluated as natural and are part of the personal characteristics of each individual. However, some diseases can leave the sexual organ with a pronounced curvature, as is the case of peyronie ...

Patients refer to peyronie as a lump that appears in the tunica albuginea that lines the corpus cavernosum. The problem may be associated with penile curvature or pain during erection. Generally, this curvature causes the penis to position itself upward, but it can also bend over to the side or down. It is important to say that peyronie can only be noticed during erection. That is, when the penis is flaccid, only fibrosis is noticed.

This type of health condition usually manifests itself after the age of 50, but may affect young people as well, in their 28s. In most cases, the problem subsides spontaneously or with the use of appropriate medications.

It is important to note whether the curvature of the penis is a problem for the sexual act. If this occurs, it is essential to look for a urologist to evaluate the degree of curvature and to define with the doctor the impact on the quality of the sexual relationship and the possibilities of treatment.

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