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Number of cases of conjunctivitis growing in Brazil

Number of cases of conjunctivitis growing in Brazil

Redness in eyes, itching and watery eyes are only some of the symptoms of conjunctivitis. At this time of year, due to the increase in temperatures associated with decreased ventilation, cases of conjunctivitis tend to grow.

Since January, several states of the country have suffered from the outbreak of conjunctivitis. For this reason, the demand for treatment in the health units had an unexpected increase and many places had an out-of-date supply of eye drops.

South Region

In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, cases, according to information from the Sinan (Notification of Injury Information System) and Epidemiological Surveillance of SES (State Health Department).

In Paraná, at least six cities face a conjunctivitis outbreak, according to a According to data from the Municipality of Petrópolis, since January, the number of cases of the disease has reached 1.4 thousand cases of the disease, from the beginning of March until this Monday (03/26).

Southeast Region

, 9,827 cases of the disease were recorded in the emergency and emergency units of the municipality. ? In the entire state of Rio de Janeiro there was a 30% increase in cases of conjunctivitis after carnival.

In Minas Gerais, there was also an increase in cases. According to the Health Department of Juiz de Fora, there are already six thousand cases of conjunctivitis registered in the city in the last three months. Nine other cities are experiencing outbreaks: Muriaé, Tocantins, Cataguases, Paiva, Descoberto, Viçosa, Leopoldina, Volta Grande and Bicas.

Central-West Region

The increase in cases also occurred in Caldas Novas, in the region south of Goiás, where about 2,000 people sought medical care due to inflammation. The number of patients diagnosed with conjunctivitis in Pernambuco, an inflammation in the eyes, more than tripled. The number of patients diagnosed with conjunctivitis in Pernambuco, an inflammation in the eyes, more than tripled. At the beginning of 2017, there were 2,629 cases, and now in 2018, 11,868 in the same period, an increase of 351%.

In February, the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) released data on the number of cases of registered conjunctivitis in health care modules during carnival. In Salvador, this year, 191 cases were recorded in this year's event, while last year it was 17. This shows that the incidence of the disease increased by 1,123% in relation to 2017.

Northern Region

In Tocantins, cases of conjunctivitis were also notable. In Araguaina, in the north of the state, demand has risen so much that the drugs that are offered for free in the public health network are over. In Gurupi, south of Tocantins, health facilities are full. Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin, transparent membrane that lines the front of the eyeball.

What is conjunctivitis?

(the white of the eyes) and the inside of the eyelids. The main symptoms of conjunctivitis are redness of the eyes, watery eyes, itching, and swollen eyelids.

Conjunctivitis (conjunctivitis) can be highly contagious, especially two weeks after the signs and symptoms begin. Early diagnosis and treatment can protect people around you from getting conjunctivitis as well.

To prevent conjunctivitis it is possible to take some measures such as not scratching the eyes, not sharing bathroom towels, frequent washing the face and hands, avoid clutter and do not share makeup items.

Vitalux® Omega 3 helps alleviate eye health

Vitalux® Omega 3 helps alleviate eye health

More and more research points to the importance of adequate nutrient intakes to maintain healthy eyes (1,2,3). Unfortunately, our body may not produce these nutrients on its own and often consuming the correct combination for eye health is difficult to achieve only through a diet. Therefore, the use of a food supplement containing ingredients that may slow the progression of ocular aging, such as Alux's Vitalux® Omega 3, is often recommended.


Winter care is crucial to health

Winter care is crucial to health

The seasons nowadays occur atypically. They are changing because of probably the greenhouse effect and sea currents like "El Niño" and "La Niña". The typical winter, however, is characterized by increase and decrease of some diseases. Thus, typical diseases of the summer, such as infectious diarrhea, resulting from the contamination of food by microorganisms, which have their growth facilitated by heat, are uncommon.