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Nutricosmetics, nutraceuticals or multivitamins?

Nutricosmetics, nutraceuticals or multivitamins?

There is a lot of talk about healthy eating. And when it comes to rejuvenating the skin, there are numerous options on the market. World trends indicate differentiated products as functional and innovative cosmetics capable of showing their effects with regard to aging and chronological aging.

We know that the skin is the reflection of our organism, in fact, a healthy body reflects in beauty on the skin,

Based on this principle, the cosmetic and food industry invests heavily in this age of well-being, in order to promote the beauty of the inside out.

Welcome to this magical market, which does not stop growing and showing its potential. Today there are so many options displayed in points of sale and in pharmacies that we are easily in doubt with regard to the best choice.

Nutricosmetics : have come up with the concept of nourishing the skin from the inside out through the ingestion of beauty capsules and sprays rich in antioxidant properties and with vitamins B, B5, H, C and E, coenzyme Q10, green tea, isoflavones and collagen hydrolyzed among other substances.

Functional food : they are food or isolated ingredients capable of producing metabolic or physiological effects beneficial to health, in addition to its nutritional properties.

The biologically active substances found in functional foods can be classified into: probiotics - live microorganisms that can be added as dietary supplements, beneficially affecting the development of microbial flora in the intestine - and prebiotics, non-digestible but fermentable fibers with function of changing the activity and composition of the intestinal microbiota to promote health.

A good example is Yakult and Danone Activia.

"Food supplements help to rejuvenate the skin."

Nutraceuticals : the use of nutraceuticals began in the 60's when the first studies proved that the consumption of fat and sugar

Since then, research has not stopped any longer, and since then products with a low caloric value, low sugar and fat content, high concentrations of vitamins, proteins, etc. have been launched on the market.

Nutraceuticals are foods or parts of foods that have health benefits, including the prevention and / or treatment of diseases.

Can range from isolated nutrients - through dietary supplements - to designed products, herbal products and processed foods. Food Supplements

: These are food products in the form of tablets, flour, gels or liquids that provide vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanical compounds, as well as amino acids or dietary substances. are found in many flavors in diet and light presentations, and beverages that provide energy to the body. Multivitamins:

are vitamin I supplements individuals who can not ingest the optimal amount of nutrients through their daily diet. They complete the diet by supplying the nutrient needs.

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