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Nutritionist reveals secrets for the diet to start

Nutritionist reveals secrets for the diet to start

Following a menu specially set up by a nutritionist is a hand in the wheel when the goal is to reorganize the and losing a few pounds. (Make a free nutritional assessment and receive an ideal menu for you). In addition to pointing out which foods can not be lacking in your dish, the good eating experts know all the tricks for the diet to take off. We asked the manager of the My Life nutrition team, Roberta Stella, to unveil all the secrets that guarantee the success of her weight loss program.

Opt for complex carbohydrates There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex carbohydrates. Among the participants of simple carbohydrates are glucose, lactose, fructose, sucrose and lactose. The complexes are formed by starches and dietary fibers, the Roberta explanation begins. (You know the role of carbohydrates?).

She says that because they are made up of small molecules, simple carbohydrates are absorbed more quickly. The more refined the food, the faster it will be absorbed. Therefore, foods rich in white wheat flour and sugars, such as sweets, cakes and pies, should be avoided, warns the nutritionist. Meanwhile, complex carbohydrates ensure a greater sense of satiety. Knowing which carbohydrates to choose, then, it is possible to delay the onset of hunger. According to the specialist of My Life , the secret is to invest in foods rich in complex carbohydrates like breads and rice in their whole versions.

Count on a virtual menu

If you are still giving the first steps of food re-education, the best way to make your diet take off is to know exactly what you need to eat at each meal and to have replacement options.

A menu set up by food programs offered by websites such as the Diet and Health program, stands out in this respect. (Learn more about our food programs). Internet menus tell you what a balanced diet should be, based on a specific caloric recommendation, the specialist explains.

In order for the tool to be effective, Roberta points out that it is important to be participatory, keeping in touch with the nutritional team of the food program. They clarify any possible questions you may have. In addition, the more familiar with the program, the easier it will be to reach its goal, the more it encourages.

Surround yourself with allies

Think of an emergency situation: beat that hunger between one meal and another and you have to resort to your pantry or refrigerator. In them, would it be better to find options of healthy snacks or pies, chocolates and salty snacks? Of course, having allies in the diet makes your life easier and makes you eliminate the extra pounds in a more practical way.

- Light fruit yogurt: besides containing few calories, it is a food rich in calcium.

- Light fruit yogurt:

- Fruits: grape, strawberry, watermelon, melon, plum. Their variety compares to the amount of nutrients they all offer. The low caloric value is added to the practicality of them, which last up to a week in the refrigerator.

- Vegetables: raw, cooked or grilled, they are practical to be prepared and great options to kill the hunger. Rich in vitamins and minerals give strength to the diet and boost health.

- Vegetables: All hardwoods have very low calories. Along with the vegetables, they come in handy for dinner.

- Cereal bars: champions of practicality, they serve not only for the snack at home, but also in the office or at the gym.

Estipule incentive goals

Nothing to overcharge and create excessive expectation on the scale. The sure trick is to outline small goals throughout weight loss. A person who wants to lose 10 pounds may stipulate dates to eliminate two pounds at a time. As you reach these goals, you gain the incentive to move on, towards the ultimate goal, exemplifies Roberta Stella.

Watch for the pitfalls of this secret though. The nutritionist reminds that achievements should not be rewarded with high calorie foods as gifts. An excess of food puts all the effort at risk, remember. (13 bad habits that have angered your diet).

Beyond calories, control the glycemic index

You may not yet be very familiar with it, but the glycemic index is one more nutritional indicator that can give you a time to eliminate a few pounds. A calorie-reduced, low-glycemic-based food program is a good way to lose weight, says Roberta.

The index measures the rate at which insulin levels rise in response to how fast glucose enters in the bloodstream. In other words, the index reveals the speed with which each food will be absorbed by the body.

Divided into low, medium and high glycemic index, the foods most indicated for those who are dieting are those that delay the sensation of hunger. That is, the low glycemic index, such as fruits, vegetables and vegetables. (Learn more about glycemic index and check the table with food values.)

But, pay attention to the drawback of the trick. Foods rich in fat may have a low glycemic index, since the gastric emptying time is longer, warns the specialist. Therefore, it is essential to combine the observation of glycemic index with the other nutritional characteristics of foods, such as nutrient quality and number of calories.

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Viviane slimmed 13.1 kg and finally made up with self-esteem

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Myth or truth? Eliminate myths and truths about healthy eating and methods for weight loss

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