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One in four women with breast cancer needs two surgeries

One in four women with breast cancer needs two surgeries

Lacks Cancer Center (USA), which evaluated more than 2,000 mastectomized women. Three out of four women with breast cancer in the United States choose to undergo conservative surgery. The second surgery is performed when it is suspected that the initial surgery did not remove the entire tumor. Researchers have noted that these rates vary greatly from surgeon to surgeon. Some rarely perform the second surgery, while others perform in approximately 70% of their patients.

In the study, reexcision rates (second sur- gery) were evaluated in four US institutions. They found a great variation from center to center. Of the 2,206 breast cancer patients included in the analysis, 454 underwent a second surgery. Forty-eight women underwent two additional surgeries and seven women for three reoperations.

The second surgery was performed on 86% of women whose imaging tests showed that there was still cancerous tissue. Some surgeons also performed this surgery when there was no clear image that indicated a tumor. This rate varied by up to 70% among surgeons and from 1.7% to 21% among institutions.

The study makes it clear that there is a lot of variation in the way care is given to women undergoing partial mastectomy. It is necessary that this subject be approached more frequently between patient and physician. It is also necessary to carefully evaluate the real need for surgery in cases where the residual tumor image is not clear.

Experts say that reoperation, as well as aggressive, may be unnecessary today. Chemotherapy and hormone therapy are effective and commonly used options after surgery.

Protect yourself from breast cancer

When it comes to breast cancer, the situation is alarming, practically an epidemic, according to the director of the Paulista Institute of Cancerology and vice-president of the Brazilian Society of Cancerology, Ricardo Antunes. That is why it is necessary, more than ever, for early diagnosis.


"Self-examination is still one of the most efficient ways to detect the disease. When it is diagnosed early (tumors of 2cm, on average) the chances of cure are 90%, "says the doctor. To do the self-test:

1. Take off your blouse and look at the appearance of your breasts in front of the mirror.

2. Raise your arms and then palpate the breasts to the armpits.

3. Put your arms at your waist and then, alternating hands, continue to grope. Notice if there is any nodule.

4. Lie down and run your breasts calmly. At this time, it is a good idea to pinch your breasts to see if there are no secretions.

Avoid alcohol and cigarette

About 30% of breast cancer cases come from addiction to alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. "These habits reduce the body's resistance and favor the accumulation of body fat, which can lead to cancer," explains the doctor.


From the age of 35 it is recommended to periodically perform mammography.

Be aware and these four symptoms

These are the most common clues that it is past time to seek help:

- Sinus nipple inward this is because the tumor ends up retracting the nipple

- Nodule in any region of the breast and under the arm;

- Watery, transparent and crystalline secretion;

- Rough, orange-pealy skin in some region of the breast.

Anvisa suspends batch of Diazepam nationwide

Anvisa suspends batch of Diazepam nationwide

Lot 20101816 of the drug Diazepam 10mg-2mL, an injectable solution, was suspended by Anvisa in the last Wednesday (22/3). The company, Santisa Laboratório Farmacêutico S / A, sent a voluntary recall notice after receiving an unsatisfactory analysis report on the labeling issue. The Agency therefore determined the suspension of distribution, marketing and use of the drug.


How to schedule a mammogram and make it more comfortable

How to schedule a mammogram and make it more comfortable

Besides being a way to check your health , conducting routine exams is also a way to show affection and attention with your body. One of the most important tests that women need to perform is mammography because it helps to evaluate the health of the breasts and allows to identify possible nodules and calcifications, be they benign or malignant.