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One in three pedestrians becomes distracted by the cell phone when crossing the street

One in three pedestrians becomes distracted by the cell phone when crossing the street

Injury Prevention journal of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) group. Researchers spent three months analyzing pedestrian behavior in 20 crosses in the city of Seattle, in the United States. In all, 1,102 people aged 25 to 44 years were observed, with the majority (80%) being alone when they crossed the street. Only one in four pedestrians followed all the security measures at the time of crossing - obeying the traffic lights, crossing the pedestrian crossing and looking both ways. About 30% of the people analyzed were moving the cell phone when they crossed the street: 10% were listening to music; 7%, sending text message; 6% talking on the phone and the rest doing another activity. In general, those who were distracted by cell phones took more time to cross the street (up to 1.3 more seconds).

Scholars concluded that texting is the most risky activity to do at the time of cross the street. People doing this were the ones that took the longest (18% more than average) to make the crossing and were up to four times more likely to ignore the traffic lights, cross in the wrong place or stop looking both ways . The researchers suggest that measures that control the use of mobile devices for pedestrians, as with alcohol at the wheel, should be considered.

Eight steps to make the cell phone detox

The result of mobile mania is the permanent sensation that it takes time to take care of everything, besides the lack of attention with events of the day, as to cross the street. "It is not the obvious case of giving up technology, but learning to use it at your service - and not being available to it uninterruptedly," says psychologist Marina Vasconcellos of Sao Paulo.

Disable notifications

Marina Vasconcellos recommends that you save the time during the day to see if someone has sent you a message on the social network or has challenged you in some game , which can even encourage good living if you respect some limits.

Buy an alarm clock

Are you one of those who puts the cell phone under the pillow? The world will not fall if you let it off at night. "When there is a change between loud and low sounds, the body is in a state of alertness and we can not sleep properly," says Marina Vasconcellos.

Keep moments in memory

"It is common to see more and more people taking pictures, filming and putting them on social networks, this is part of the of the world today, but it is important not to forget that the most valuable memories are in memory, "says Marina Vasconcellos. Another important point is to remember that the interaction between people can be lost due to exposure, which is not always positive. "It takes a lot of attention with what we put on social networks, this content reaches the reach of people we do not know very well," recalls the expert.

Do not be afraid to turn it off

Sometimes the cell phone can do function of a remote control - and you are the one who suffers the control. The advice of psychologist Marina Vasconcellos is to use more of the cell phone as a fact phone than as an email box or a form of internet access. If you are going to relax, on a trip or on a weekend, do not be afraid to turn off your cell phone. Most of your problems can wait for Monday.

Seek professional help

If this is already bothering you, seek the help of a therapy to get rid of the problem. However, the psychologist points out: "Look for a professional who is familiar with this type of problem, avoiding advice of the type: you should abolish the internet from your cell phone." "Be rational"

"Ask yourself: what I'm waiting, do I need to look at it now? "If the answer is no, leave the phone aside and enjoy the company of those around you." But if it is affirmative, explain to those around you the importance of this contact ", guides psychologist Ana Luiza Mano, from the Nucleus of Research in Psychology in Informatics (NPPI) of PUC of São Paulo.

Father Fábio de Melo reveals suffering from panic syndrome

Father Fábio de Melo reveals suffering from panic syndrome

Father Fábio de Melo is a phenomenon of social networks with more than 8 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, however all this stress may be affecting his life . On Tuesday, Father Fábio de Melo revealed to the show On Air, presented by Otaviano Costa on Radio Globo, which is facing a panic syndrome.


Greek Kissing Tips

Greek Kissing Tips

If you allow yourself to experience new experiences during sex, you can make the moment more pleasurable and surrounding. There are different fantasies, positions or erotic games that can be put on for two. One of the practices that can provide moments of fun between the couple is the Greek kiss. This practice consists of licking or stroking the other person's anus with the mouth.