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A third of people with asthma are at risk of fatal attack

A third of people with asthma are at risk of fatal attack

Asthma is still growing in Brazil and is a serious health problem. In 2011 alone, the disease accounted for 174,500 hospitalizations, according to the Health Ministry. A survey by the UK's Asma UK Institute reaffirms the seriousness of these numbers: one third of people with asthma are at risk of suffering

To reach the results, the institute interviewed more than 25,000 people in an online survey of the disease. The researchers found that as many as 75% of asthma-related emergency admissions could be avoided if there was better management of the disease.

The most alarming finding, however, is that many patients are unaware of the high risk of fatal attacks they are exposed to . According to the researchers, 55% of patients do not believe they are at serious risk, although the study reveals that 93% of them could have a fatal attack.

The study concluded that the symptoms may be different for each patient. Those who have been hospitalized for the past six months are more likely to have a serious attack, such as people who need to use inhalers five times or more a day or have taken steroid medications in the past six months.

Adopt seven attitudes to avoid allergic and asthma attacks

For some, winter is synonymous with endless sneezing, sleepless nights, unbearable nasal congestion and even bouts of shortness of breath. If you fit into this profile, then you are most likely to be an allergist or an asthma sufferer, also called bronchitis. Know some simple attitudes that prevent crises:

Clean the house

One of the main triggers of allergies are dust mites, present in the house dust. Cleaning, however, does not just mean raking the furniture and sweeping the floor. Curtains, rugs, sofas and air-conditioning also need to be part of the cleaner. Just beware of the hype. Products with high cleaning power can irritate the respiratory system of the allergic person.

Pet Care

The allergist Clóvis Galvão, President of the Brazilian Association of Asthmatics - São Paulo, suggests that the place where the pet stays most of the weather is cleaned every week, after all, it's no use leaving it clean if your space is still dirty. Ideally, he should also not sleep in his room and baths should be given at least once every two weeks.

Prepare the bed

"Allergic patients should prefer the duvet instead of the blanket, "points Clovis. In addition, it is recommended to wear anti-dust covers on your mattress and pillow which, together with the covers, should be washed regularly.

Consult your doctor

It is common for allergy sufferers and asthma sufferers to relapse in winter due to climate conditions. This does not mean that you should resign and suffer every time a colder season arrives. It is therefore important to make an appointment with an allergist so that your problem can be diagnosed and treated correctly.

Take the flu vaccine

"Taking the flu vaccine does not prevent common colds, but it takes away those stronger flu" , warns the allergist Clóvis Galvão. If you already have chronic respiratory problems, you should take the vaccine so that you do not put more obstacles in the way of the proper functioning of your respiratory system.

Warm up

"Thermal shock will inevitably interfere with your respiratory system, that your immune system offers an exaggerated response to this stimulus, "explains the allergist Clóvis Galvão. Therefore, the ideal is to always leave the house well wrapped and with a scarf or scarf covering the nose so that the cold air does not come into direct contact with it.Cigarette

For allergist Clóvis Galvão, allergic smokers are likely to become future asthma sufferers, and persistence of the habit will make the crises harder and harder to treat.

Endoscopy: take nine questions about the exam that detects reflux and gastritis

Endoscopy: take nine questions about the exam that detects reflux and gastritis

Stomach pain, reflux and heartburn are some symptoms that do not give some people respite. Although the cause is usually an inadequate diet, these can be signs of more serious diseases such as gastritis, inflammation or even tumors. The exam that identifies these diseases is high gastric endoscopy, a procedure that analyzes the mucosa of the esophagus, stomach and first part of the small intestine.


Ice Bucket Challenge Helps Find Gene Linked to Stephen Hawking's Disease

Ice Bucket Challenge Helps Find Gene Linked to Stephen Hawking's Disease

By 2014, the world stopped to face a challenge: to record a video by throwing in itself a bucket of cold water. Many celebrities and anonymous people joined the campaign, even without knowing that the goal was to raise funds for research from the ALS Association, the American association responsible for research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).