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Our health depends on the quality of our thoughts

Our health depends on the quality of our thoughts

Have you ever stopped to think about the negative thoughts that constantly occupy your mind? What do these thoughts mean to you? Are you aware of how it disturbs your life, your health, and your relationships? It is for this reason that a treatment should look at the patient in all its aspects: feeding, functioning of the organs and especially emotions and feelings.

The will to change is the key to growth in all areas of life, but sometimes change gives fear, because we do not know what can happen. Fear paralyzes.

Eckhart Tolle in his excellent book The Power of Now says: "the new is the unknown and makes us abandon the dream of change to return to the comfort, our comfort zone. fear is always something that can happen, not something that is happening at this moment.You are in the here now while your mind is in the future.This situation creates a space of anguish. "

You are the which is why he so desires it. If you really wanted to be different, you'd be looking for a change right now. And it's you who want to change that I'd like to talk about. What holds your attention determines your actions. Where you are today is a result of the thoughts that are in your mind.

Our illnesses are these emotions somatized in our shock organs. Taking care of thoughts is fundamental, since they generate emotions and these, when they are negative, generate diseases. It is already proven that thoughts are capable of modifying our cells. We are co-creators of our reality and diseases that can affect our health.

Let's cite depression, for example. It generates a sadness that does not pass, a feeling of discouragement that takes over and makes body and mind not work well. There is no appetite, sleep is irregular, the bowel often does not work every day, self-esteem goes to the swamp, nothing else gives pleasure, lack concentration, feels physical and mental slowness, one loses interest in what one likes

If we analyze the emotional causes for this behavior we will find infinite justifications: loss of employment, loss of someone special, death of a relative, financial problems, childhood traumas, children with problems, frustrations, lack of perspective in life etc.

According to Chinese medicine, depression belongs to the liver department. It is he who says yes or no to what may or may not enter the bloodstream. With this, it provides a tranquil environment, including for the nervous system.

Rudolf Steiner , father of Anthroposophy, states that the liver is the organ of the will. When we have the will and interest in life, our liver meridian is balanced, that is, we will be able to make assertive decisions. So be careful with alcohol consumption, because it neutralizes just the cells in charge of filtering the toxins that come from the intestine.

Fats and excess food also harm the liver because they keep it working. Concerns, fixed ideas, and obsessive behavior damage the liver, generating anger, irritation, and emotional instability.

Who gets red from anger or is always with red eyes is with the liver intoxicated. Patients who have a reddish face have a congested liver.

Through illness, patients learn to be moderate, to have patience and to control themselves with regard to excessive drinking, food, and sex. The person is forced to think about what his body can endure and what is poison to it. It is good to realize when you go beyond the limits, flying too high, with illusions.

For these reasons, a treatment must work in all of these areas together: balance of nutrition, insight of emotions, limit of attitudes and sick thoughts. I use orthomolecular therapy, acupuncture, and transpersonal analysis sessions for create this support. We need the physical body as well as the emotional body and the energetic body because they are our instruments of relationship with the world and we need to be well to exchange experiences and affections. It is in this way also that we express ourselves, acquire values ​​and gain meaning for our life.

We have an amino acid that directly contributes to the stabilization of mood: tryptophan. It stimulates the production of serotonin, which is soothing, and gives a feeling of well being. It has now been confirmed that most of the serotonin is stored in our gut. Therefore, its malfunction will influence your mood, your tolerance and your patience.

Iron, magnesium and potassium are important minerals for people with depression. Those who have a deficiency of these nutrients suffer interference directly related to the functioning of the body and the emotions.

Self-esteem interferes with job productivity

Self-esteem interferes with job productivity

Working is an activity that daily requires emotional, physical, and mental energy. However, balancing and orchestrating all this is not so easy. Too hard a boss, a coworker who sabotages ideas, lack of recognition, gossip, questionable salary, among other things, can undermine any work environment. If this happens, the lack of spirits appears.


What really counts in the process of mourning: faith or religion?

What really counts in the process of mourning: faith or religion?

Death is always a delicate matter, especially for our culture, although we know that it is the only certainty of life, it is socially a matter that is avoided, denied and carries many taboos. When death happens to a close and dear person, it will always cause a lot of sadness. The loss of a son, husband, wife, mother, father, a great and intimate friend is a great and painful anguish.