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Eggs are able to "choose" spermatozoa at the time of fertilization

Eggs are able to

The science class in which the teacher explains where the Babies is often an emblematic moment in the life of any student. There we understand that for a possible new life to start, it is necessary for the sperm to fertilize the egg. So far so good.

But for a long time this process of fertilization was understood as something random. In other words, it is as if the spermatozoon that first arrived and was able to establish itself to the ovule, would be able, in the future, to become a zygote and thus to begin a gestation

According to a research realized by the Pacific Northwest Research Institute the process of fertilization does not happen randomly as we thought. Thus, the egg would choose the sperm that would fertilize it. The information is from the magazine Quanta Magazine

For the realization of the study, the scientists used two groups of mice. A part of the group composed of both male and female mice was contaminated with the testicular cancer gene, one of the most genetic types of cancer. The other part of the group did not.

The scientists then made a cross-breeding of females that had been infected with the gene with males that did not have the gene in their DNA. The researchers then observed that there was a randomness in the offspring that had been contaminated.

The experiment was then repeated, however, this time the females were healthy and the males infected. The scientists then observed that only 27% of the offspring had been contaminated with the cancer genes, the expectation was that 75% of the pups would mutate.

In this way, what is possible to understand is that the egg could have a tendency to choose spermatozoa with specific characteristics rather than behaving passively, just waiting for a sperm to fertilize it.

According to evolutionary biologist Mollie Manier of George Washington University, reproductive anatomy is more puzzling and difficult to study, but there is a growing recognition of the female role in fertilization.

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