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Overweight children suffer from more apnea and cognitive problems

Overweight children suffer from more apnea and cognitive problems

SDS levels were measured according to the Obstructive apnea, defined as the number of apneas and hypopnoea (decreases in oxygenation during sleep) per hour of total sleep time. Body mass indexes were defined as body mass index (BMI).

Because they were three factors - weight, sleep and cognitive processing -, the researchers used each one of them as mediators to better understand the results. Using the DRS as a mediator, the more DRS problems, the worse the results in cognitive tests and the greater the BMI.

The greater the body mass, the greater the chances of sleep disorders and cognitive problems. Already using cognition as a mediator, the low ability to complete more complex mental tasks showed a connection with higher body mass indexes and problems with DRS.

For the researchers, all three factors are closely related, although the relationship is not yet known . The results were published in the American Thoracic Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Sleep Apnea Increases Chances of Cognitive Impairment in Women

The relationship between sleep apnea and cognitive problems has already been studied. A study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that sleep apnea can cause mild cognitive impairment and even dementia in women. The analysis was led by scientists at the University of California, USA.

The study was supported by 298 women considered to be mentally and physically fit and with an average age of 82 years. Of these, 105 were diagnosed with sleep disorders, with 15 or more breaths while they slept.

The results of follow-up examinations five years after the start of the study showed that approximately 45% of those who had sleep apnea had developed mild cognitive impairment or dementia. Among those who had normal sleep, about 30% developed one of the diseases. However, when characteristics linked to ethnicity and which indicated poor quality of life, such as smoking, the probability of developing such diseases increased to 85%.

Sleep apnea is characterized by respiratory arrest during sleep and can be become a chronic problem, leading to death. People overweight or over the age of 30 are the most affected.

Pain after tooth extraction: three tips to help children keep brushing

Pain after tooth extraction: three tips to help children keep brushing

Sometimes children need to have a tooth of extracted milk if it does not fall on their own. The need to remove the tooth typically appears when the permanent tooth is already growing. Although some milk teeth require only a small force to pull, the procedure can make the alveolus tender and sore for several days afterwards.


US research has found a higher level of

US research has found a higher level of "good cholesterol" in breastfed women

In this group, a lower mean carotid artery thickness was also noted. This promotes the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. "Breastfeeding appears to be a protective heart in these women," Dr. Malamo Countouris, who led the study, told the newspaper. The research analyzed the health of 678 women.