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Overweight increases risk of recurrence of breast cancer

Overweight increases risk of recurrence of breast cancer

Over the years, one in ten women will develop breast cancer. If diagnosed in the initial phase, however, the disease offers a great chance of cure. Still, health care should be redoubled even after treatment, especially to avoid weight gain. This is because, according to a study published in the journal Cancer , being overweight increases the risk of recurrence of the problem.

A team led by a specialist at the Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care in the United States, collected data from nearly 5,000 women who had undergone stage I, II and III breast cancer treatment. About 30% of them had obesity and another 30% were overweight. Over the next eight years, one in four study participants had recurrence of the problem and 891 died, of which 695 were breast cancer cases.

A comparison of the results showed that, in relation to normal weight women, obese women had a 40% higher risk of being diagnosed with a new breast cancer and a 69% greater risk of death due to the problem or other complications. Even among overweight women there was a greater risk of recurrence and death. The link was especially strong for women with a type of estrogen receptor-positive cancer, which accounts for two-thirds of breast cancer cases.

Researchers now want to clarify the relationship between overweight and hormones. They suspect that fat can stimulate the production of estrogen in the body, which would lead to cancer growth. In addition, insulin levels in overweight people are also higher because they develop resistance to this hormone and insulin can favor the development of cancer cells.

Prevent breast cancer

In addition to making the mammogram regularly and cultivate healthy lifestyle habits, you can still prevent breast cancer by adopting a special diet. Check out foods that can not be missed on the women's menu:

1. Red fruits

Fruits such as raspberry and blackberry contain anticancer phytonutrients called anthocyanins. They delay the growth of pre-malignant cells and prevent the formation of new blood vessels that can nourish a tumor.

2. Carrot

Carrot is also an important food in the prevention of breast cancer. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health in the United States showed that consuming two portions of the vegetable daily reduces the risk of developing the disease by 17 percent. Grape

Flavonoids present in grapes can slow the growth of malignant cells in the body. The ideal is to consume the fruit and not derivatives like wine since alcohol can favor the development of other diseases. 4. Pomegranate Pomegranates inhibit the enzyme aromatase, responsible for the production of estrogen, which favors the development of breast cancer. The finding was published in the journal

Cancer Prevention Research


Nudging can make health good, says study<P><P>Researchers have found that eating

Nudging can make health good, says study

Researchers have found that eating "nose gizzard" helps to stimulate the immune system and protect against diseases.

Researchers are now looking for a way to create synthetic mucus that could be turned into chewing gum or toothpaste to provide the same benefits. Professor and pulmonologist Friedri ch Bischinger, who also contributed to the study, said the research shows poking the nose in addition to making people healthier, can allow them to be happier and probably in tune with the body.


WHO suspends international emergency for Zika virus

WHO suspends international emergency for Zika virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced in a collective statement that what the Zika virus and its associated neurological disorders are no longer an international health emergency, but actions against all diseases transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito should continue. In February, the WHO Emergency Committee declared Zika as an international public health emergency.