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Parent support important for pregnant and baby health

Parent support important for pregnant and baby health

Men and women also perceive the support of their partners differently. In the study, men received more emotional support from their partners, while women received concrete support through actions such as assisting in tasks or care.

The results, for scholars, will help direct support and services offered to parents. Thus, for example, men will receive help in relation to stress caused by finances, and women may seek counseling to deal with emotional stress.

Another finding of the research is that women have higher self-esteem than men The findings underscore the importance of prenatal care for the pregnant woman and also the prospective parent who, when accompanied, will feel more important within the pregnancy cycle. This, according to the researchers, will help control anxiety typical of gestation and thus improve the health of the mother and baby.

Make your partner feel pregnant

Fortunately, it is increasingly rare men who do not participate pregnancy, or do so precariously. If the father of your child is part of this minority, calm you can adjust. Sometimes it's a matter of coming together: he may be withdrawn because he does not know what to do, feels insecure to fulfill the new role or is confused by the changes in the couple's life.

"Call him to participate, play company in the consultations, indicate books and courses, tell everything you are feeling change in your body, "says the psychologist Vânia Torres, specialist in pregnant women. Always subtly, of course. Charging with irritation something he does not know for sure how to do it can drive him even further.

The best way out is to open up the game to the expectations you have about his behavior. He can explain to you why you are not involved and how you feel about your pregnancy. At the same time, you let him find out what a fellow mate might look like. Do not think that this is begging attention or that the initiative should start from it.

If everything goes well, you will discover a man very sympathetic to his pains and desires and, finally, pregnant!

Understand the treatment of childhood fever in homeopathy

Understand the treatment of childhood fever in homeopathy

Accelerated heart, bright eyes, red cheeks. The child has a fever! And now? Call the doctor? Should I go to the first aid or not? Should I or should not I medicate? To know how to act, we must first understand what fever is: it is the elevation of body temperature above 37.4 degrees. The normal temperature ranges from 36º to 37.


Marcos Caruso talks about the grandson's condition:

Marcos Caruso talks about the grandson's condition: "Born a little different"

The actor Marcos Caruso made an emotional report on Wednesday (13), in which talks a little about his grandson, Beto, 5, who was born with a cleft lip. Due to the condition, the boy was born without the roof of the mouth, with a cleft that connected the nose to the mouth and without the right tear canal.