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Parents' Depression May Influence Emotional Problems in Children

Parents' Depression May Influence Emotional Problems in Children

The survey looked at 21,993 children living with their parents. They realized that if the mother has depressive symptoms, the risk of the child having emotional or behavioral problems is greater than if the parent is affected by those same symptoms. Researchers found that the rate of these problems in children is:

- 25% if both parents have symptoms of depression;

- 19% if only the mother is affected;

- 11% if only the parent is affected;

- 6% if none of parents are affected.

For scholars, future research is needed to identify mental problems in parents.

Tips for Getting You Out of Depression

Every day may seem like a battle when you are depressed. Medical treatment and therapies are the most important steps to be taken for full recovery. However, there are things you can do that will help you feel better. Here are the tips that the cognitive behavioral psychotherapist Evelyn Vinocur gives you once away from depression:

1) Recognize early signs

It is important to recognize and treat depression as early as possible, which will reduce risks you depress again. If you pretend that the problem is not happening, you will probably feel worse. You need to look at the types of events that have contributed to depression in the past and be alert to early symptoms.

2) Set possible goals

You may feel exhausted by the minuses you do at home or at work. Do not be hard on yourself. Remember that depression is a disease and you should not extrapolate beyond your means. Keep your focus on objective, small, realistic, and achievable goals and so you will make it easier to get around routines at home, with family, and at work.

3) Do what you like

Take time to do things that you like. Meet with friends. Walk. Go to the movies.

4) Do not Make Important Decisions

Since depression can distort your interpretation of things, it is wiser not to make any important decisions at the moment, such as resigning

5) Do not drink

Although you think that alcohol can make you feel better, alcohol can make your depression much worse. Depressed people are at high risk of engaging in alcohol or other psychoactive substance abuse and alcohol interacts with antidepressants.

6) Exercise

There is increasing evidence that exercise helps in mild or moderate depression . Find an activity you enjoy, start slowly and repeat three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes.

Thinning pressure can lead to childhood anorexia

Thinning pressure can lead to childhood anorexia

We think this disease only affects adolescents and adults, but the results of research are staggering, showing how vulnerable our children are. We see children everywhere with lipstick, heeled shoes, often imitating adults. Many parents find it cool, and they delight in seeing their daughters as little girls with painted fingernails.


"Parto Leboyer": how it is done and who can do it?

The so-called "Parto Leboyer" was created by French physician Frederick Leboyer in the early 1970s in France. Leboyer was the first to give due importance to the baby and the bond between mother and newborn at birth. His ideas were based on instigating doubts: "is it a pleasant experience to be born?