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Move away from breast cancer with 11 healthy habits

Move away from breast cancer with 11 healthy habits

In addition to the early diagnosis, there are habits which help prevent the development of this disease. A study by US researchers, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, found that adolescents who practice intense physical exercise reduce their chances of suffering from cancer. of breast in adulthood by up to 23%. In this analysis, the practice of physical activity should begin around age 12 and last for at least ten years for protection against disease to be noticed. Researchers report that this is because exercise is able to reduce the levels of estrogen, cancer-related hormone.

"Physical exercise should be adopted for life. It decreases stress and helps control of weight, factors that also influence the development of breast cancer, "explains the mastologist Domingos Petti.


In addition to bringing innumerable benefits to the baby, breastfeeding keeps the health of the moms current. According to a study by the World Cancer Research Fund in England, women who breastfed their children for at least six months are 5 percent less likely to develop breast cancer. "When a woman breastfeeds, she stimulates the mammary glands and decreases the amount of hormones, such as estrogen, in her bloodstream," explains Domingos Petti.

Omega 3

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the States United States, have shown that fish oil can cut the chances of breast cancer by up to 32%. This is due to the antioxidant action of omega 3, a fatty acid found in abundance in fish oils.


Stress is among the risk factors for breast cancer. "Some studies have shown that women who live a very hectic and stressful routine have almost double the chances of developing the disease," explains Domingos Petti.

Not yet known very well because stress increases the chances of breast cancer , but the relationship between the two is quite obvious. Breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques, practiced in Tai Chi and yoga, help control stress and anxiety.


Studies have found that the incidence of breast cancer is lower in Asian countries and found that consumption of soybeans and their derivatives, common in these countries, helps to prevent the disease, "says the doctor of Oswaldo Cruz Domingos Petti Hospital.

According to the expert, this is due to the fact that soy is rich in plant estrogens, a type of isoflavone that has characteristics quite similar to estrogen, but does not increase the proliferation of mammary cells, a factor that increases the chances of breast cancer.

Away from Alcohol

According to the doctor Arthur Guerra, Medical Course of the ABC Medical School, consuming only 14 grams of alcohol per day can increase the chances of breast cancer by 30%.

"The mechanism of action by which alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer breast it remains unknown, but we know that alcohol influences the signaling pathways of estrogen, a hormone strongly associated with breast cancer. "

Weight under control

By achieving menopause, overweight or obese women are at greater risk of developing breast cancer. What's more, excess weight still increases the chances of cancer being more aggressive. According to the mastologist Domingos Petti, one of the main hormones produced by adipose tissue (formed by fats) is estrogen. This hormone causes cell reproduction that, if uncontrolled, can cause breast cancer.

Keeping an eye on family history

Most women should start having a mammogram every year after age 50, but for anyone with a history of breast cancer, the examination should begin earlier. "If a close relative had breast cancer at age 40, it is necessary to begin mammography every year from the age of 30, for example," explains Domingos Petti.

Attention to other symptoms

Many women do not know, but the appearance of a lump or lump in the breast is not the only symptom of the disease. "In addition to the lump, other symptoms such as changes in the halo and the presence of secretions may be a sign of breast cancer," says the mastologist Domingos Petti. When you notice one or more of these symptoms, the woman should quickly seek a professional and ask if a mammogram is needed.

Vegetable-rich diet

Women who consume vegetables are often up to 45% less likely to develop breast cancer , according to a study by Boston University. Foods like broccoli, mustard, kale and green vegetables are high in glucosinolates, which are amino acids with an important role in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Beware of hormone replacement

Many women seek hormone replacement to decrease symptoms of menopause. According to Domingos Petti this replacement - mainly of steroids, like estrogen and progesterone - may increase the chances of breast cancer. "It is proven that the use of hormone replacement significantly increases the risk of women developing this type of cancer, so the use of estrogens in women should be avoided," the specialist explains. sensitive to the action of estrogen, since the levels of this hormone are low due to the absence of its production by the ovary

As an alternative to hormone replacement, the expert indicates that the practice of physical exercises and a balanced diet help to control the increase and prevent vascular diseases and osteoporosis, the main concerns of people entering this female period. "With these measures, it is not usually necessary to have hormone replacement of estrogen or progesterone," explains Domingos Petti.


Taking up to five cups of coffee per day has a protective factor against an aggressive form of breast cancer according to a study by Breast Cancer Research. Scientists say that women with this habit can be up to 57% more protected. But you need to be careful about excessive coffee consumption, especially if you have high blood pressure or suffer from insomnia. Therefore, consult your doctor's advice before increasing your intake of this drink.

Researchers create sticker that works as a flu vaccine

Researchers create sticker that works as a flu vaccine

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Winter urges caution for people with circulatory problems

Winter urges caution for people with circulatory problems

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