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Passive gymnastics does not burn calories or increase muscle mass

Passive gymnastics does not burn calories or increase muscle mass

You dream of having a body healed but hate to work out. Here is the miracle solution on television: an apparatus that promises sculptural forms without any physical effort. Tempting, no?

So-called passive gymnastics offer amazing results with just a few minutes of use without you having to contract a muscle at all. It's a pity that when it comes to gaining muscle and a healthy body, the law of minimum effort does not reign.

You have to work out and be "old fashioned". The personal trainer Edson Ramalho explains that in order to have a healthy and well-worked body it takes a lot more than will, it has to be disposition: "The truth is that there is no equipment that will replace physical exercises and scheduled and directed training. the slim body that these devices promise, only with hours of training, a balanced diet and lots of discipline, "he says.

Abdomen Apparatus

How do these devices work?

Passive gymnastics devices come from electro-stimulation equipment used in Soviet astronauts in the 1960s to ease the loss of muscle mass when they spent much time in space. Since passive gymnastics are made, the passive gymnastic apparatus provides electrical stimulation to the muscles causing a slight contraction, a response to the stimulus received. In theory, the stimuli would cause an improvement in muscle tone.

However, since they act in localized parts of the body and much less than conventional exercises, these devices do not cause significant and noticeable effects on muscle tone: "when we practice physical exercises, there is an intensification of movement in certain muscle groups, but the whole body moves from there to the overall satisfactory results.While using passive gym equipment, you can wake up the muscles and nothing else, "explains Edson

Passive gymnastics x war against balance

Do not rely on passive gymnastics if the idea is weight loss. In addition to not working the body properly, the TV miracle devices do not promote the burning of calories. "A lot of people think that because they are using these devices and burning calories they can eat twice as much, which is a big mistake," explains the staff.

A study conducted by the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) accompanied 20 volunteers who used Passive gym equipment for six weeks. After regular 'workouts', it was verified that there was no caloric expenditure when using gymnastic equipment.

To reach this conclusion, participants' oxygen consumption was measured both at rest and during the tests.

As it is only possible to burn calories with an increase in oxygen consumption, which did not happen with the use of passive gymnastics, the conclusion was that they do not provide weight loss.

Belly tanquinho

Quality of life zero!

When we practice physical exercises, it is not just the muscles that go into action. A number of factors cause our body to expend energy and consume more oxygen, burning fat, and improving cardiorespiratory function.

When we replace the exercises with artificial means of stimulation, we lose these benefits that health brings to health and we fail to quality of life. "With the gadgets, you stimulate your muscles but do not move, do not walk, do not breathe and rhythmically inhale according to the intensity of the exercise and do not give your body doses of endorphin and adrenaline, which during and after exercises relax and cause a good feeling of well-being, "he explains.According to personal trainer Edson Ramalho, it is not possible to determine exactly the equivalence between the effects produced by the devices and those observed during and after a conventional training, but it is estimated that fifteen minutes of device

However, with regard to the calories and aerobic benefits, you can not even compare: "The device does not promote any benefit in this sense. starts the exercise and comes out of it exactly as it entered: no changes in muscle gain and fitness, "he explains.


The good side of the handsets

While on the one hand the handsets do not help at all the body fit, when the subject is recovery of patients who have suffered injuries, they are more than recommended: "as the patient has to re-stimulate the muscles but can not do great efforts in the joints, we use the devices as a way to move the injured region without compromising the recovery of the patient, "says the personal trainer.

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