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Paulo lost 35 kg and recovered his self-esteem: "I managed to win"

Paulo lost 35 kg and recovered his self-esteem:

Mathematics professor Paulo Moreira, 33, has suffered several ups and downs throughout his life to lose weight. He often tried to lose weight with shakes without success. "I got back to gain weight and I got to 100 kilos again," he recalls.

The stimulus for definitive weight loss came from a coworker during the year-end party at the college where Paul taught. She said that she had been able to lose a lot of weight and that Paul would have the conditions if she cared more. "The next year I want to see you thin," she said.

The secret for Paul to achieve his goal was to unite the diet reeducation of the Diet and Health diet program with the practice of physical activity. "The days went by and I was losing weight, until on May 19, 2014, Monday, I weighed myself down, and to my great happiness, I had reached my so desired 75 kilos! Imagine what was my happiness to see that I had succeeded, "celebrates Paul.

How did you get to know the Diet and Health Program?

A: I always visited the My Life website and it was there that I saw a Diet and Health banner, but I did not think it would work with me. As I had already reached the bottom of the pit, I ended up depositing my last chance to lose weight and regain my self-esteem in the Diet and Health.

On January 3, 2014 I returned to the gym. They weighed me to fill my license plate and there it marked 100.5 pounds. That same day I did the weight evaluation in the Diet and Health and found out that it would take about 7 months to eliminate the 25 kg I wanted, but the weight goal came before that.

What were the main obstacles you faced during the and how did you overcome them?

A: The biggest obstacle I faced during the weight loss process, in addition to losing weight, was to overcome my fears. Fear of being exposed, fear of being criticized, fear of it being something momentary as were the other times I tried to lose weight.

Before the Diet and Health Paul even weighed 100 kilos - Photo: Disclosure

I learned that I was not trying to lose weight, but that I was actually losing weight. Today I am no longer afraid to appear in photos. In fact, now I even show more and I'm proud to "show up". I will become an exhibit! (laughs)

What tools do you use and which ones have helped you the most?

A: The food and exercise journal. The fact of noting what to eat and learning how to distribute food groups correctly in the meals throughout the day was important for the success of my weight loss and, especially, for the maintenance of weight.

Another very important tool for me was the blog I always wanted to have a space to share my achievements and not be criticized or taxed on this or that. The fact that having people going through the same fears and anguishes as myself and still being motivated to go forward was fundamental.

I also often needed the help of the Diet and Health team and was always well attended, either through nutritional chat or online meetings. I always enjoyed attending the Online Meetings. An unprecedented learning moment. I even started practicing the teachings of meetings at home and with co-workers, explaining one thing or another about nutrition. I started to get more interested in the subject as well. I got to buy two of the various recipe books produced by the site team and made some recipes that were delicious.

In addition to weight, what was the main modification or improvement that came along with your weight loss?

A: The biggest reward of my entire process was certainly the recovery of my self-esteem. Today I value myself more, I take more care of myself. I do what I like and I'm not afraid to tell. I love dancing, I love playing video games, I love to practice my profession that is to teach math, I love to produce videos ... Anyway, that fear is gone.The important thing is that I managed to win. Now I'm trying to maintain my weight or increase it with gain of muscle mass. I continue in the Diet and Health and I continue in the gym. At the moment I only have to thank, especially God for giving me a new opportunity.

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