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Penis with warts and strong odor may indicate diseases in the intimate area

Penis with warts and strong odor may indicate diseases in the intimate area

The male genital region deserves much care to stay healthy. Among them, the use of condoms and the adoption of healthy living habits are undoubtedly the most important attitudes of those who want to take care of themselves. "The first tip is to take care of hygiene and be aware of any signs that may indicate a problem," says urologist Valter Javaroni, head of the andrology department of the Brazilian Society of Urology - Rio de Janeiro. Penis infections and even STDs are very early signs of your installation, just watch for symptoms:

Unpleasant odors

Warts and spots on the penis should be watched carefully - Photo: Getty Images

The first cause of bad smell on the penis is the "dirt" that may have been hidden between the glans and the foreskin, the layer of skin that covers the glans. "In uncircumcised men, the foreskin usually harbors germs of the most diverse, requiring, therefore, a more intimate hygiene," says urologist Sylvio Quadros, head of the STD Department of the Brazilian Society of Urology. Some diseases can also cause unpleasant odor: penile ulcers caused by STDs, fungal or bacterial inflammations, and even penis cancer later in life.

Cleaning the penis in the bath involves pulling the foreskin (skin that covers the glans or head of the penis) until the total appearance of the glans, soapy water or soap on the surface of the mucosa and / or skin gently, until the entire layer of fat accumulates. "Hygiene in the area should be done with water and neutral soap (glycerin or coconut), avoiding products that destroy natural and protective bacteria," says urologist Valter Javaroni, head of the andrology department of the Brazilian Society of Urology - Rio de January. He points out that the female intimate soap should never be used for penile hygiene since it was made for another type of skin and organ. According to experts, if the odor persists even after proper hygiene, it is best to seek a doctor.

Burning while urinating

Diseases in the penis generally do not relate to its size or dimensions

Regardless of the discomfort being more or less intense, urethral burning may be an important sign of inflammation in the urethra or bladder. If the burning is accompanied by discharge coming out of the canal, it may indicate urethritis. "It means that a germ to which you have been exposed has settled in the urethra," says urologist Valter. The most common form of contagion is unprotected sex, being chlamydia, ureaplasma and gonococcal infections the most common. "In the face of these cases, an accurate diagnosis is essential through laboratory tests, in order to seek the pertinent treatment," says urologist Sylvio.

Smears on the penis and scrotal pouch

"If sores appear on the penis or in the scrotal sac and they persist for more than 48 hours after sexual activity, seek a doctor, "says urologist Valter. The doctor will analyze the lesion and find out the possible cause: virus, bacteria or fungus. "In some cases you can request blood tests that help confirm the suspicion of a causative agent," he explains. Experts point out that any blemish should be investigated, as they may indicate from DST to a harbinger of cancer.

Crooked penis

Visit a doctor at the slightest sign of change - Photo: Getty Images

have a congenital malformed penis and, although it is an anatomical variant, it is not a disease. "However, generally between the fourth and sixth decades of life, some people may experience this problem because of Peyronie's disease," explains urologist Sylvio. According to experts, the disease affects about 5% of men and is caused by the accumulation of tissues in the lining of the corpora cavernosa - two cylindrical structures that make up the penis. It is important to emphasize that Peyronie's disease happens when the penis begins to spill at some point of its extension, becoming "L" shaped. That way, people whose penis as a whole is more focused on one side or the other does not have a problem - in general, this happens because the penis gets used to the position it is left in.

"The treatment for Peyronie's disease to date is inconsistent and there is no drug so far that can safely reverse the process of penile curvature," Sylvio explains. In those cases where penis angulation does not allow penetration, surgical treatment would be indicated. Anyway, the urologist will be able to guide you so that this situation minimally affects your sex life.

Semen odor and consistency

Using condoms and keeping penis hygiene is key to avoiding STDs - Photo: Getty Images

Semen is the product of the secretion of several glands, such as prostate and seminal vesicle. The spermatozoa are driven and at the same time fed by the semen until reaching the interior of the uterus, providing excellence in the conception. "When a germ acquired by sexual intercourse proliferates in the urethra and reaches the prostate, seminal vesicles or the epididymis (organ next to the testicles) can modify the appearance of the semen making it thicker, foul-smelling or with blood," adds Valter Javaroni. The spermogram is the test that allows the physical and biochemical analysis of the semen and should be performed whenever there is a change in the normal appearance of the sperm, be it color, consistency or even the characteristic smell.


Most often itching is due to infestation by several types of fungi or protozoa, since the genitalia is a humid environment, conducive to the proliferation of these microorganisms. The same advice helps in the case of persistent odors and itching. Sensing an unpleasant smell followed by an itchiness and persists even with hygiene care, get help from the doctor. "Excessive fungus may be the reason, but do not self-medicate, so as not to disturb the diagnosis," explains urologist Valter.

Warts and Wounds

Spermogram is the test that allows the physical and biochemical analysis of semen , and should be performed whenever there is a change in the normal appearance of this

If one day you notice a sore or wart on your penis, under any circumstances, see a doctor. "Genital warts, caused mostly by HPV, may be related to genital, anal and laryngeal cancer in both men and women," says urologist Sylvio. Hence the need to treat them from the beginning. Wounds can be a sign of other sexually transmitted diseases, especially if they do not heal. "These occurrences should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible," says the specialist. In addition, the urologist Valter concludes, in such cases the use of ointments with corticosteroids is extremely contraindicated, since the product can stimulate the multiplication of the HPV virus.

Penis size

Many men have doubts if the size of the penis is normal. And the answer is probably yes. "Diseases in the penis are generally not related to their size," says urologist Sylvio. It is more or less extensive, with a larger or smaller diameter, nothing interferes with health. "However, it can happen that the penis begins to decrease progressively, indicating some type of injury in its structures, which should be investigated clinically." In this line, it is important to remember that bumps in the region also deserve attention.

Sexual function

The main sign of sexual function impairment is dissatisfaction with one's performance. This is due, according to Sylvio Quadros, fundamentally to four situations: significant decrease or complete absence of interest in sex; inability of the penis to become erect enough for penetration; the penis gets full erection, but loses it during the sexual act, even before reaching orgasm; the erection is satisfactory but the orgasm happens out of control, before the manifest will of the person. In any of these scenarios, clinical research becomes critical to problem solving. It is not hard to remember that the risk factors for changes in sexual function are high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, depression, among others. "Even with advances in modern medicine, the best treatment remains prevention," says urologist Valter. Talk to a doctor and follow the guidelines correctly - after all, who cares can be sexually active for life.

Polycystic ovary may increase risk of type 2 diabetes

Polycystic ovary may increase risk of type 2 diabetes

Before we begin, we must understand what this syndrome is. In medicine, word syndrome is the set of signs and symptoms that go together to form a clinical condition. Therefore, in the case of polycystic ovarian syndrome, we will have associated: menstrual irregularity and excess male hormones determining hair enlargement, acne, hair loss, etc.


Ministry of Health will evaluate vaccine against yellow fever throughout Brazil

Ministry of Health will evaluate vaccine against yellow fever throughout Brazil

On Monday night (18), Health Minister Ricardo Barros stated that the government is studying the possibility of extending vaccination against yellow fever throughout Brazil. However, this measure will only be evaluated at the end of the current disease cycle, which will only end in June. The statement was given in TV Cultura's Roda Viva program, in which Barros spoke practically more about the current outbreak of yellow fever Yellow fever in Brazil Since January 2017, the number of cases of yellow fever has been increasing.