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People exposed to the radiations of the subsoil can become ill

People exposed to the radiations of the subsoil can become ill

In this article I intend to show a type of disturbance in our living space. Life itself is quite diverse. Some factors can disrupt the harmony of life such as climatic influences, lifestyle, unnatural feeding, infections and various environmental influences among which, soil disturbances. Many physical and mental ills can be warded off by the undoing of harmful influences which emanate from the subsoil, also known as telluric or geopathogenic, which originates from groundwater veins, landfills, geological crevices and earth's natural meshes.

It is a proven fact that many of these radiations have a detrimental effect on being

The environment also becomes sick

In relation to vegetables, trees that acquire an inclination are developed, in order to move away from the place of their root, that is to say, , fighting and evading from the telluric point. In some cases some trees get sick and create so-called "cancers," which are large lumps in their stems.

Dr. Anton Schneider, a professor at Rosenheim High School, Bavaria, Germany, developed a survey in March 1977 It has become clear that the most serious diseases of trees, such as total bark loosening and growths of cancers, appear exactly in places of strong earth radiation, where the tree develops. beds were placed on the radiations, many people became ill. "

Animals feel the danger

Animals are also harmed by these emanations, especially when confined in places for several hours. Some animals are more sensitive and look for more balanced spaces, such as dogs and horses.

See how the dog goes around to pick a better spot before bed. A curious fact is that cats either stay in balanced places or not. In fact, they are neutral to these radiations.

Watch out for signs in the home

In humans, children have a sensitivity to feel this disturbance. Here we must be aware, because if a child rolls to a corner of the bed and is shrunken, he may be protecting himself from a telluric point. Another evidence would be to sleep constantly in a place other than your bed.

The specific places that can harm us by interference of this tellurian decompensation are the beds, sofas, computer benches, counters and places where we stayed for more than four hours, exposed to these radiations during the day.

In a field survey, in beds of about 3000 dwellings, researcher and dowser Käthe Bachler, author of several books on the subject, through the Pedagogical Institute of Salsburgo in Austria , examined and found that in places where beds were placed on the radiations, many people became ill.

She found that plants, animals and babies often avoid areas of disturbance. He also found that older people, debilitated children and children were more sensitive to diseases.

Most of the time problems arise through fatigue, insomnia, loss of vitality and immune deficiency. Dr. Ernst Hartmann, a physician and researcher at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, with his scientific research in the field of Geobiology, has proven the phenomena of telluric emanations. .

Small measures improve the environment

In my harmonization work, I have seen this phenomenon several times. When measuring these points on the beds with radiation, I became aware that the people who slept in these places had symptoms described in the text.One curious fact is that the residents reported to me, that neighbors who lived in apartments above and below this column in question, also presented identical symptoms.

These emanations do not happen only on the ground or on the first floor. They reach about one thousand to two thousand meters high. Many neutralizing media can be used.

White quartz crystals, placed in places more conducive to equilibrium, decrease these radiations. Laying the bed with cardboard or thick card stock in black can also dim it.

Here is a caveat. Almost all of these initiatives, over time, saturate.

I believe that through these observations at home or at work, we can contribute to the well-being and health of all who live with us.

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