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Phenol peeling: understand the pros and cons of the anti-aging method

Phenol peeling: understand the pros and cons of the anti-aging method

Phenol peeling, considered a deep peeling, is an aesthetic procedure that promotes facial rejuvenation in a more natural way than other treatments. Although not considered a plastic surgery, it is a very aggressive method and therefore requires anesthesia and medical follow-up. Its results, however, are quite expressive - capable of rejuvenating appearance in up to 20 years, experts say. The process of deep peeling involves the exchange of several layers of the skin and dermal stimulation of the collagen.

Other names

Deep Peeling, Baker's Formula.

Indications of the phenol peel


of a very aggressive aesthetic treatment, only people with real needs are indicated to do the peeling of phenol. In general, they are people with deep wrinkles or who have suffered from the effects of photoaging, - changes resulting from the action of solar radiation on the skin - are the most indicated for this procedure.

The patient must be previously evaluated, because phenol is toxic for both cardiac, hepatic and nephrological parts. The patient needs to be monitored during the procedure.

How is phenol peeling done?

Application is rapid and frast (color change) is immediate. This frost is caused by immediate clotting. Several layers of the product are passed and then an occlusive mask with calming properties is applied.

The application is fast and the frost (color change) is immediate. The product is applied in areas called anatomical units, so you wait 20 minutes to be able to do the other area. and so on. This is because phenol is metabolized within 20 minutes.

Professionals who can do

Only dermatologists and plastic surgeons are able to perform phenol peel as well as other aesthetic treatments that involve aggression to the skin. Before the phenol peel

It is necessary for the patient to take an antiviral medication orally, as the peelings favor the appearance of herpes simplex.

The patient should begin preparations for the procedure one month before, with application of a crime based on retinoic acid, hydroquinone and a mild corticosteroid.

In addition, the person should take extra care with solar radiation, avoiding exposure to the sun without adequate protection, which consists of sunscreen with factor greater than or equal to 30.

Care after phenol peeling

Immediately after application, the patient should use analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs within the first 12 to 24 hours. Afterwards, should one keep the skin always carefully cleansed, moisturized and protected, avoid sun exposure, maintain a healthy diet? preferably with supplements that help prevent the drop in immunity and opportunistic infections.

Following the application of phenol peel, the patient may take up to three months to fully recover. But treatment results can take up to six months to appear. After peeling the skin, it may remain red for a long period.


Phenol peeling is a contraindicated procedure for those with heart, kidney and liver disease, as well as a tendency to keloid scars. In addition, peeling is indicated only for people who have severe skin problems, such as acne scars and intense photoaging, even because there are less aggressive alternatives to milder problems. Therefore, the ideal is to perform a psychological evaluation to know if the patient has the profile indicated for this type of treatment.Possible risks of phenol peel

Complications resulting from the application of phenol peel may occur during or after the procedure. There may be toxicity to the heart, liver and kidney. There may be infections, blemishes (which are, for the most part, only temporary) and keloid scars on the skin. During the procedure, the patient is monitored closely by devices that monitor the heart rhythm in order to prevent any type of complication.

Before and after the phenol peel

The results presented by the phenol peel are the largest promise and the biggest reason the procedure was so well known. Even without the need for surgical intervention, this aesthetic treatment can rejuvenate the skin in about 20 years, recovering the color, contours, tone and luminosity of the skin.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of Phenol peeling is the result that it is able to achieve. A single procedure that works in several regions of the skin promotes an intense improvement of deep wrinkles and sagging.

On the other hand, the treatment is still very expensive, painful and recovery is slow.

Compare the peeling of phenol with other peelings

Phenol peel is the deepest of all peelings. It is the only one that can reach the reticular dermis (the deepest layer of the skin), while other types of peels only achieve superficial and less expressive results.


Dermatologist Daniela Landim (CRM: 106025) , postgraduate in aesthetic medicine

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