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Piercings in the mouth

Piercings in the mouth

Piercings in the mouth

What is a piercing in the mouth?

Is any type of piercing that can be on the tongue, on the lips or cheeks. In recent years, piercings in the mouth have become a form of individual expression.

Like ear piercing, the earrings and metal rings placed in the mouth are of different styles and comprise pieces such as pins, rings. But the piercing placed on the tongue, lips or cheeks involves greater risks than those placed in the ear.

What are the risks of this type of piercing? g?

You may not know the side effects of an oral piercing.

These effects are: - Infection

: The mouth contains millions of bacteria that can cause infections after an oral piercing. Touching the metal parts after placing them in the mouth also increases the risk of contracting an infection.

Prolonged Bleeding

If a blood vessel is pierced by the needle during the placement procedure, bleeding may be difficult to be controlled with excessive blood loss.

Pain and swelling

Common symptoms of mouth piercing. In most serious cases, if the tongue swells too much, it may close the airway and make it difficult to breathe.

Damaged teeth

Contact with jewelry can damage the tooth. Teeth with restorations

- for example, crowns or jackets - can also be damaged by metal parts.

Piercings can be used permanently

Gum injury

Metal parts can not only injure sensitive gum tissue, but can also cause gingival retraction. Gingival retraction has an unpleasant appearance and makes your teeth more vulnerable to cavities and periodontitis.

Interference with normal mouth function

Jewelry increases saliva production, preventing you from pronouncing words correctly, and also making it difficult to chewing.

Bloodborne Diseases

The mouth piercing has been identified by the National Institutes of Health as a possible form of hepatitis B, C, D and G transmission.


Oral piercing may cause endocarditis, which is inflammation of the valves and heart tissues. The piercing wound gives the bacteria in the mouth the opportunity to enter the bloodstream and can reach the heart

How long does a piercing last?

If you do not contract any infection and your oral piercings do not interfere with normal functions of the mouth, can be used permanently.

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