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Rectal examination exam lasts less than 15 seconds

Rectal examination exam lasts less than 15 seconds

Prejudice surrounding the dreaded touch exam, which is essential for the prevention of prostate cancer, is still viewed with great fear by men. But is he really a seven-headed creature? According to experts, the test, which must be performed by men over 40 years, lasts at most 15 seconds, is simple and almost painless, and does not affect their masculinity at all. prejudice and encourage the search for a doctor, My Life spoke with two experts, who explain how a single exam is capable of saving lives. "Today, the chances of a cure for prostate cancer are enormous. Most of the cases that result in death happen due to a totally late diagnosis," explains urologist Evandro Cunha, from the Hospital Urológico de Brasilia. "It is from the touch examination that the urologist can analyze if the prostate presents some irregularity", alerts. In general, prostate cancer takes about four years to manifest, meaning the body takes a long time to show signs that something is not going well. Hence the importance of taking the preventive exam once a year. Therefore, the earlier an abnormality is identified, the more effective the treatment will be.

Examination is done annually and identifies changes in the prostate gland - Photo: Getty Images

And, unlike women, men still show a lot of resistance in the prostate. time of the examinations. "Different from the female public, which has the habit of performing gynecological examinations annually, men are still resistant to preventive exams," says oncologist Cid Buarque de Gusmão. "Rectal examination, although simple, is the one that presents the most barriers to its realization due to cultural problems. But it is important to point out that the complications coming from an illness will certainly be much more unpleasant," he points out.

Still not comfortable to face an appointment? We have prepared, along with the experts, some tips for you to feel at ease when visiting your doctor.

Think about your health

According to Evandro Cunha, one of the best techniques for not feeling uncomfortable is thinking about your health and well-being. "When a man tries to take care of his health, he forgets all the prejudices that involve the touch exam. That is because a healthy life is worth much more than a simple examination."

Nothing out of this world

The attitude of health care is a characteristic of well-resourced men

Are you thinking that the examination is time-consuming and complicated? You can forget. "The touch exam takes 10 to 15 seconds. The only thing the specialist does is to insert the finger into the rectal region (the canal that connects the anus to the rectum) to see if there is any change in the prostate," explains Evandro Cunha. The physical examination gives information about the volume, consistency, presence of irregularities, limits, sensitivity and mobility of the prostate. "If the organ is swollen, which is an abnormal symptom, the finger is not fully introduced," he explains.

Forget the pain

Exam is the safest way to diagnose prostate cancer - Photo: Getty Images

Now, if the problem of not facing the touch examination is the fear of pain, it has no reason to exist. "Of course we can not measure someone's pain, but I can tell you that there is no painful threat during the examination." "What the patient can feel is a nuisance during the seconds the test is performed," says Cunha.

Try a dose of good humor

To increase the level of comfort during the consultation with your urologist, a tip is to add a good dose of good humor and let the tensions aside. "When the patient is safe and good-humored, the consultation flows much better." With a little bit of relaxation everything becomes easier and simpler, even the touch exam, "says the urologist at the Urological Hospital of Brasilia.Think it will be fast

Can not afford to lose the fear of the exam? Think it will be only 15 seconds! "Another tip for those who are very nervous is to remember that the test is fast. In most cases the man expects something complicated and painful, but this does not exist," says the oncologist Cid Buarque de Gusmão.

Talk to your woman

Your wife (mother or friend) can be a good partner in helping you make the right decision. "Women are more accustomed to these kinds of tests, so they usually give men strength to explain that nothing is as complicated as it seems," adds Evando Cunha.

Your Manhood Will Be Fully Preserved

You've Heard Does this examination hurt your manhood? The doctor is categorical at the time of the answer. "A simple examination is incapable of taking the manhood out of a man, but on the contrary, the attitude of health care is a characteristic of very well-resourced men," says the Urologist. > Try a year of tranquility

It is recommended that the touch exam be performed at least once a year. "After 15 seconds, the man can feel calm (and prevented)." Of course, visits to urologists should be more frequent, but in relation to the examination, he may be unconcerned, "says Evandro Cunha.

Emotional experiences may induce long-standing physiological and internal states of the brain, according to a study

Emotional experiences may induce long-standing physiological and internal states of the brain, according to a study

The researchers analyzed a group of volunteers who were submitted to a session of visualization of images with high emotional content . A few minutes later, participants were divided into two groups: the first group continued to view images that were devoid of any emotional content, while the second group was subjected to the same images first preceded by fragments that contained emotional content.


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