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Renata Banhara on the disease: "I can not take it any more"

Renata Banhara on the disease:

In April 2017, Renata Banhara was diagnosed with a serious brain infection caused by a bacterium that was lodged in the tooth and migrated to the brain. Since then, the model has been struggling to overcome these health problems. On Sunday (17), she shared two moving videos on the Instagram showing that she was in the hospital and that her battle was not over.

After a briefing by hostess Adriane Galisteu, Renata decided to show her followers that her treatment continues and suffering been constant. "I do not want to turn my life into a reality show I know that you pray for me If I were not you, I was not here I'm just showing the reality of what I'm going through here I want to be, I'm getting victimized,

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In another video, the model reveals thrilled: "Why me? God is for me to be grateful, I have plan I hope that I can stay here, I can not take it anymore, but I will overcome it, "Renata said.

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Renata Banhara infection

Six years ago, Renata Banhara did a canal treatment. The tooth was closed and it did not matter. However, there was an infection pole without the manifestation of fever. My Life spoke with the oral and maxillofacial surgeon Patricia Galli, who attended Renata Banhara in her office. "When Renata came to my office she had already made the canal, the tooth was closed and did not bother her," explains Patricia.

According to her, what may have happened is that the treatment performed at the time could not do the complete removal of bacteria from the tooth. "This could have caused a sinusitis and then migrated to the brain," explains Patricia.

The specialist also says that a possible bacterial migration was due to low immunity. "The mouth is a port of entry for bacteria, so it is very important that it is healthy because the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and spread to different parts of the body."

Anvisa prohibits commercialization of teas

Anvisa prohibits commercialization of teas

One of the resolutions was directed at the company that manufactures substances like Melatonin (sleep hormone) 5 HTP (substance a precursor of serotonin) and Tribulius terrestris (a weed that would aid in the production of testosterone). According to Anvisa, the company has no operating authorization and the products have no Anvisa registration or notification.


Women are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol

Women are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol

The Ministry of Health recently released a study entitled "Surveillance of Risk Factors and Protection for Chronic Diseases by Telephone Inquiry 2011 - VIGITEL", which was attended by According to VIGITEL, 17% of Brazilians consumed alcoholic beverages in the BPE pattern, corresponding to 6.2% of the interviewed men and 9.