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Repressed feelings can cause emotional pain and physical illness

Repressed feelings can cause emotional pain and physical illness

The relationship that goes wrong, the boss who puts the most pressure at work and that problem you try solve for months, do they take you sleep? How much to vent?

Many people are mourning the pain and prefers to repress the pain for fear of exposing the feelings or for not being able to put out all the anguish that is there hammering without stopping and ends up not realizing that stopping hurts and suffering does bad for health and for the heart. " Our body was not meant to hold bad feelings and bad feelings. "Both body and mind weigh heavily as they accumulate and one hour the pressure cooker overflows in the attempt "It is a natural process," explains the psychologist and coordinator of Unifesp's Quality of Life Management Sector, Denise Diniz.

"The big problem is that at the time of the explosion, the person feels so suffocated who goes out shooting all over the place, hurting the people around him without realizing it.It takes time and patience to learn to deal with feelings without hurting people and not even yourself. " good things are bad for health and the heart.

Whoever gives consent to pain

Bad feelings are fruits of frustrated expectations. We place on the other or that opportunity the responsibility to solve our problems as if they were not consequences of our own acts, hence the hurt and the resentment.

To the extent that we do not go beyond this feeling and we are giving it a greater negative connotation of what he ought to have, we stifle our emotional limits, and hence the physical symptoms. "We all create expectations about life and we tolerate some frustrations to some extent, when they go beyond this limit, which is personal, and make us suffer, it means that something is in an imbalance and needs to be solved," explains Denise. The problem is that most people think that resolving resentments is to solve with the other what is pending, which should be done even, but before that, you must understand what really hurt you and why you have gained so much dimension in your life so as to achieve balance, "says the Unifesp specialist.


Why can not I express my feelings?

Many people often keep their hurt and bad feelings by not being able to overflow, from there comes sorrow and anguish. This is because we have different temperaments and limits, causing some to take the day-to-day disappointments without trauma, while others keep and mourn. "It is something very personal, the way each one reacts to adversity. It is important to realize that the person who creates the negative connotation that generates hurt and resentment is us. The person may even have been wrong with you, but the intensity of that in your life who gives is yourself ", explains the psychologist.

Feeling repressed = health in danger

According to Unifesp psychologist, emotional pain becomes physical when the intensity we give to the fact that it hurts us interferes with brain activity in order to make it difficult to send nerve stimuli responsible for performing certain functions of our organism. "The brain ceases to command some function and the body reacts by signaling where the problem is," he explains. "We adapt to new situations, this is a natural process, but when something hurts us to extrapolate our Emotional pain can block three interdependent areas of our lives so that emotional pain can block some physical function that is already prone to problems or intensifies the symptoms of an existing disease. " influence each other according to the origin of the emotional problem. "When the person has an illness that has an emotional origin, he can hardly perform his social activities with total ease and he begins to give physical signals, it is a set of factors that add up and accumulate." When the body reacts with symptoms of some disease it is because the person has extrapolated his emotional limit and the body responds trying to eliminate the pain, "he explains.


- Physicians

: ulcers, hypertension, allergies, asthma, stress, and long-term cancer

- Psychics



: decrease in work performance, tendency to isolation, apathy, domestic conflicts, among others. Place in clean dishes

it is very common to hear people say that if we have a problem with someone, it is better to solve and talk so as not to hurt because it is bad, but this maxim is not always the best option for those who suffer from it. According to Denise Diniz people can not always deal with the pain they feel. "In addition, talking to the other person who hurt them means betraying their moral values ​​and it hurts them more than hurt or pent-up pain," she explains. In these cases, it is best to work to overcome the pain and move on.

Extravasar yes! Hurt not One hour you bust! Well, that's not the problem, the serious thing is when you do it and it takes away the pains that are yours, hurting the people around you. To prevent this from happening and help you to overflow, the psychologist gives you some tips:

1. Recognize that something bothers you without fear of exposing your feelings, so you do not intensify pain by mourning others. 2. Detect what actually did you wrong so you did not get shot all over the place. 3. Do not create expectations of others so you will not be disappointed later. "Only you can heal your pain, it's no use figuring that the other will get you out of your pain," Denise says.

4. Look at yourself and your life for all the resources that can help you overcome this pain: friends, sports, therapy, among others. "Ask yourself which of these possibilities would have the most effect when it comes to working out the pain that is hurting you and running after it. Not always what you are told is best for you, and sometimes frank talk is more useful than a consultation "Work your self-esteem:" People abuse you if you let it happen. It is you who chooses the relationships you want to establish with people, so instead of blaming the other for their suffering , look at yourself and help yourself, "says Denise.

6-Forgive. The psychologist reminds us that forgiving is not forgetting what has done you bad but overcoming and getting rid of that bad feeling: "we only heal when we turn the page and for that, it takes a disposition and patience. you want to feel this way, you have to be honest to be true. "

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