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Rosemary helps in weight loss and reduces gas

Rosemary helps in weight loss and reduces gas

is a common shrub in the Mediterranean region. This food is allied to weight loss, has expectorant action, improves inflammations and flu and has strong antioxidant action, so it prevents strokes and degenerative brain diseases. Rosemary arrived in Brazil at the time of colonization and received several popular names such as rosmarinho, rosemary, common rosemary, rosemary of smell, rosemary of garden and rosemary of vegetable garden. Rosemary also helps in the digestion and reduces the gases.

Main nutrients of rosemary

One of the main nutrients of rosemary is vitamin A, which is essential for the eyes and skin, prevents infections and has a strong antioxidant action. Seasoning also has vitamin C that improves immunity, prevents aging of the skin, prevents spillage, has antioxidant action, prevents spillage and provides resistance to bones.

Vitamin K is also present in rosemary, this nutrient is essential for blood clotting and helps in the fixation of calcium in the bones. Rosemary still has the vitamins B1 and B2, both act on the metabolism of glucose, fatty acids and amino acids, that is, helps the body to use these substances efficiently. In addition, they also play an important role in the formation of the myelin sheath, which sits around the nerve fibers and allows messages between nerves.

Rosemary has phenolic compounds that have important biological activities, such as antioxidants, anti- inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, among others.


Fresh Rosemary Chopped (1 cup 40g)Dehydrated rosemary (2 soup coles 6,6g)Calories
52 kcal22 kcalCarbohydrates
8.3 g4.2 gProteins
1.3 g0.3 gLipids
2 Vitamin A (retinol equivalent)58 mcg10 mcg
Vitamin A (retinol equivalent)1 g1 g
Fiber5.6 g(SI)
1170 IU206 IUVitamin C
8.7 mg4 mgCalcium
127 mg84 mgPotassium
267 mg63 mgSodium
10 mg3 mgSource: FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF SÃO PAULO. Paulista School of Medicine.

Benefits of rosemary

Help in weight loss:

Rosemary tea helps in weight loss because it has diuretic action, contributing to lower retention of liquids. Reduces gas:

Rosemary reduces the discomfort caused by intestinal gas as it helps to expel them and reduces colic. Anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory action :

Rosemary is rich in phenolic compounds that have a strong antioxidant action, so they fight against free radicals and prevent problems such as cancer, strokes and degenerative brain diseases, and also have anti-inflammatory action. Rosemary study Combat influenza

: The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of São Paulo (USP) concluded after a survey that rosemary helps fight the influenza virus.

Rosemary has antioxidant action - Photo: Getty Images Good for those with chronic noncommunicable diseases:

An initial research done by the USP has concluded that rosemary has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may have benefits for people with chronic non-communicable diseases where oxidative stress and inflammation play a significant role, such as diabetes.

Good for joints: The rosemary applied to the skin by means of compresses can help to reduce the inflammations in the joints, this because it has anti-inflammatory action. However, further research is needed to prove this benefit.

It reduces stress and improves memory. Some studies suggest that rosemary oil, combined with other oils, can lower cortisol levels and thus reduce stress. One research found that rosemary oil was able to reduce stress in nursing students. However, further research is needed to prove the benefit. How to consume rosemary

Rosemary can be ingested in in natura forms such as seasoning, powdered or passed as oil. With a pungent flavor and a particular aroma, rosemary combines with pork, fish and chicken, as well as soups, tomato-based sauces or olive oils. Rosemary tea is also a good alternative, when preparing this drink use a cup of rosemary leaves and a liter of water. Let the water boil, turn off, place the rosemary and leave for five minutes. Pregnancy can consume rosemary as a seasoning, but for lack of safety evidence, it should not be consumed in the form of tea or other ways, as it can cause uterine contractions. Contraindications Drinking more than four cups of rosemary a day can cause nephritis, gastrointestinal problems, and intoxication.

Risks of over-consumption

Rosemary tea is an ally in weight loss

Consuming more than four cups of rosemary tea a day can cause nephritis, gastrointestinal problems and intoxication. > Recipes with rosemary

Cod with herbs

Pernil roast

Chicken fillet with cream of palm heart

Source consulted:

Nutritionist Rita de Cássia Leite Novais,

With a radical change in diet, Anitta was able to transform her body.

With a radical change in diet, Anitta was able to transform her body.

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