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Russian current: treatment uses electric current for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes

Russian current: treatment uses electric current for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes

The Russian current is an electrical stimulus used to produce a muscle contraction where it is applied. With this, there can be improvement in muscle tone and flaccidity of the skin, besides stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation and the cellular oxygenation. Aesthetically it can be used to promote greater muscular and facial muscle tone, improvement of cellulite and face and neck wrinkles and body modeling. It can also be used for post-partum muscle tonus recovery and post-slimming, in addition to pre- and post-liposuction.

In addition, the Russian current can be used for therapeutic purposes, such as in sports, so that muscles reestablish, circulation better and there is relaxation after the overload of a training. It can also be applied for pain reduction, gait correction, improved swallowing, improved urinary incontinence, dysphagia and rehabilitation of neurological diseases, neuropediatric, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and traumatic-orthopedic pathologies. It also facilitates tissue healing and fracture healing, reduces muscle spasms and edema.

The technique was developed in Russia (as the name already stands for) in the 1980s and was initially used to improve flaccidity, atrophy, and muscular fatigue that the country's astronauts presented, for lack of action of gravity on the musculature, when returning from their space missions.

Other names

Electro-stimulation, electrotherapy, electric current

Indications of the Russian current

A Russian blood flow is indicated in cases of skin flaccidity, cellulitis, improvement of muscle tone of the face and body, postpartum, post weight loss and pre- and post-liposuction.

How is Russian current made

The technique consists of an alternating medium frequency current of 2,500 Hz, applied as a series of separate shots, in order to produce intense muscular potentiation, reducing to the maximum the sensitive perception of the patient. The current can only be applied between five to 20 minutes, the electric current is depolarized and therefore does not present a shock hazard. There is only the risk of greater pain with the treatment as the current strength increases.

The current is applied using silicone plates with a conductive gel between the skin and the electrode. They are coupled by elastic straps on the muscle that should be stimulated.


10 to 20 sessions are required which can be done up to two or three times per week. The electrical stimuli are applied for between five and 20 minutes, more than this can cause muscle fatigue. The maintenance after these sessions depends on the case and the purpose and should be guided by the physician.

Professionals who can do

The Russian chain can be applied by dermatologists and physiotherapists with appropriate training.

Care after Russian chain

After treatment, the patient may experience minor muscle aches and should talk to his or her doctor for The use of electric currents for muscle stimulation should be avoided in people with congestive heart failure and cardiac insufficiency, with pacemakers, individuals with circulatory disorders such as phlebitis, embolisms, varicose veins and thrombophlebitis, people with high or low blood pressure, infectious and inflammatory processes, fever, neoplasia, chronic kidney diseases, pathologies (such as emphysema), skin tumors, extensive skin diseases, fragility of capillaries, some rheumatic diseases, metal implants, tendinous and ligamentous muscle injuries that prevent physiological muscle contraction.Pregnancy can be done?

The process is contraindicated in pregnancy, as there are no studies showing that it does not pose a risk to pregnant women and the baby.


Electrical stimulation can recruit more than 40% of muscle fibers than in the ordinary exercise. So it is able to reshape the body, decreasing sagging, increasing muscle tone and bringing improvement to cellulite quickly and effectively.

Combine the Russian current with ...

Regular physical activity

Despite of activating more muscles than physical activity, the Russian current creates a force soon to be lost, if the muscle is not used later in an exercise.

Balanced nutrition

There is no point in achieving so many results for flaccidity and cellulite by means of the Russian chain and still have an inadequate feeding, that propitiates the return of these problems.


Reviewed by dermatologist Natalia Cymrot (CRM-SP 84.332), master's degree in dermatology from the Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade of the University of São Paulo Dermatologist Daniela Landim (CRM: 106025), postgraduate degree in aesthetic medicine

Esthetician Ana Cristina Cordeiro da Clínica Plastiké, Rio de Janeiro

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