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See tricks for packing a suitcase

See tricks for packing a suitcase

Packing is not such a simple task. It is necessary to predict the types of combinations that will marry the astral of the place visited, the moment and, more, with our mood. And it is also important to be prepared for extreme cold or extreme heat without having to pay for excess weight of luggage. According to the personal stylists of the Style Workshop, there are a few tricks to be aware of and advice to be followed.

"You can do the bill more or less like this: one bottom for each day of travel and two parts of "Each piece has to match with at least two other ones," said Fernanda Resende. "Finally, a suitcase is a favorite place, those clothes that are sure to look good on people."

Versatile pieces help save luggage space - Photo: Getty Images

Another precious tip, according to Cristina Zanetti, is to choose pieces in three or four colors only, (9) "Whoever is more classic can choose three neutral colors and one flashy one (for example, gray + beige + navy + lilac). neutral colors and two other stronger ones (for example, gray + navy + lilac + red) ", explains the fashion consultant.

Please note: 70% of your pieces should be neutral, especially the classic ones, which are easy

If you want to invest in color, choose knit and knit sweaters, as they easily match other neutral pieces.

How to fit the clothes in the suitcase?

1. Arrange the trousers or skirts (the longest pieces) first, extending them to the bottom without folding them too much. Underwear, bathing, and pieces that do not knead like knits, should also be in the bottom;

2. On the second layer, put on shirts and dresses. Always keep in mind: the heaviest pieces underneath and the lightest on top;

3. Then the coat. Fold it in four and place it on top of everything inside out;

4. Do not forget to make as few bends as possible, this will decrease volumes;

5. Fill small spaces or inside shoes with belts, and other accessories. Scarves and other similar items can be stored in the inside pocket of the suitcase;

6. In the case of shoes, the number varies with the type of event and duration of the trip:

- a pair of sneakers or shoes for activities that require more disposition;

- a pair of more social and colored shoes or sandals neutral for evening events

- a pair of medium-heeled shoes or sandals, comfortable for daytime events;

- a pair of slippers for bathing, beach and leisure

- a pair of boots (in the case of cold places) or extra shoes of your preference.

Moroccan brush: technique smoothes the hair without using formalin

Moroccan brush: technique smoothes the hair without using formalin

The Moroccan brush is a type of progressive brush that arrived in Brazil in 2012. The difference is in its composition, whose main ingredients are the clay and the cacao oil, which they leave it with a scent of chocolate or honey bread. The differential of the Moroccan brush is that it was the first treatment of this type in which the person could wash the hair soon after.


Scar lightens and diminishes but does not go away

Scar lightens and diminishes but does not go away

Not every brand needs or deserves to be remembered. By the way, when you think of scars, you're more likely to choose to erase the signs left by a fall, surgery, or even pimples. The treatments for this are increasingly powerful and include everything from the application of cosmetics to laser sessions, skin filling and dermabrasion (a kind of sanding).