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Selenium supplement without a prescription can be dangerous

Selenium supplement without a prescription can be dangerous

A new research review conducted by the University of Surrey (UK) and published by the journal The Lancet shows that there is no evidence that selenium supplement intake is needed for most people. Some studies, even, relate the substance's exaggerated consumption to the development of type 2 diabetes. Researchers emphasize that most people already consume sufficient selenium in food.

What is selenium?

Selenium is a natural mineral and vital for health. Low levels are associated with increased risk of death and impaired brain and immune function. The recommended daily rate is 55 micrograms for adults, 60 micrograms for pregnant women and 70 micrograms for women who are breastfeeding. These levels are not hard to reach with food, which should contain meats and grains such as corn and wheat.

The US Institute of Medicine has set a tolerable maximum limit for selenium of 400 micrograms per day. Many selenium can cause a condition called selenosis, which includes symptoms such as gastrointestinal discomfort, hair loss, stained white nails, bad breath, fatigue, irritability and mild nerve damage.

Selenium and diabetes

Among studies reviewed by experts, there is one done with more than 1,200 Americans who indicated that consumption of 200 micrograms of selenium per day for eight years may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those taking a placebo. Those who had high levels of selenium at the start of the study - 122 micrograms or more - had a nearly three-fold increased risk of developing diabetes compared with those who received placebo.

Other studies also suggest an association between selenium and diabetes. A higher level of selenium was related to an increased prevalence of diabetes in adults followed by the CDC? S National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (USA). In the same vein, a French study found that high selenium levels were linked to higher blood sugar levels. Researchers observed that at high levels, selenium interferes with the body's ability to properly use insulin. Therefore, they recommend balance: anyone who has a varied diet, with about 2000 calories per day, does not necessarily need the extra nutrients, since the supplement has more benefits when used in those who lack the nutrient. They emphasize that the decision to use a supplement or not depends on the conditions of each person and should be based on the needs of the diet.

Benefits of selenium supplementation

In the right dose, selenium supplementation can have advantages: immune function, brain health and fertility and even helps prevent cancer, heart disease and stroke. One of the studies reviewed by researchers in the UK found that people who took supplements were able to fight a virus faster than those taking a placebo. Supplementation was also related to increased sperm quality in men with fertility problems, allowing many of them to have children. In addition, selenium supplements are promising for treating thyroid problems.

Avoid the Errors of Food Supplementation

When it comes to including dietary supplements, some care needs to be taken to avoid problems. Check out the tips to supplement the diet properly and without errors:

Consuming supplements without medical advice

"Supplements are important because they prevent deficiency and excess nutrients, but it is always good to remember that the quantity and variety of food supplements should be indicated by a professional and only in specific cases" , explains nutritionist Máximo Asinelli of the Brazilian Society of Food and Nutrition.

Use them as medicines

Supplements should not be used to fight diseases already installed in the body, since they do not have an allopathic effect, do not produce a reaction that is in opposition to the patient's symptoms.

Taking More Than Necessary

"Only a healthcare professional knows what supplementation a person should take or whether they really need it. , carbohydrates and even vitamins, if consumed in very large doses, can cause harmful effects to the body, "says nutrologist Roberto Navarro, member of ABRAN (Associ

Using them to lose weight

Using dietary supplements to try to maintain your ideal weight is becoming more and more common. However, doing so may actually cause weight gain, as some supplements contain a lot of calories. "Supplements of carbohydrates and proteins have calories, so their use must be controlled so that the food is balanced and there is no weight gain," warns the head nutritionist at the

Diet and Health Roberta Stella.

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Carrot with bark helps to lose weight

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