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Slim healthy with these seven simple tips

Slim healthy with these seven simple tips

Running to work, swallowing food, unfolding yourself in a thousand, and never having time to take care of yourself are bad habits that are part of the routine of many people. But to bid farewell to the sedentary lifestyle and the extra pounds, to gain more quality of life and energy to face the day to day running is necessary to move in the menu and to acquire new habits and attitudes to be able to improve the quality of life.

To find out how many pounds your weight is, calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). A clear goal will help you to pursue your goals more easily.

Carefully choose your diet

In recent years, research has shown that food is not just a source of energy for daily activities, but some components and active principles are able to prevent and assist in the treatment of various diseases. Therefore, it is important for people to include healthy food in the diet often by adopting a balanced eating habit that includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

These foods contain vitamins, fiber, and other components that will end hunger hides and enhances your energy and immunity. A well-nourished body that is free of toxins harmful to its proper functioning responds best to any treatment, whether it is to lose weight, to gain quality of life or to grow healthy.

Escape miracle diets, which cut radically any healthy food is a breakthrough in your goal for weight loss. The ideal is to seek a qualified professional, who will identify your real needs and set clear goals, respecting your lifestyle and metabolic rhythm.

To start a healthy diet is only going to decrease - the correct is to eliminate - the consumption of saturated fat, fried foods, sweets and soft drinks. These foods, which are very industrialized and full of pesticides, overwhelm organs that detoxify the body, such as the liver, kidneys and intestines. In addition, they cause imbalance in metabolism, making it slower, causing illness and reducing life expectancy.

End chronic stress

Tiredness, moodiness, muscle tension and anxiety are some of the results of a long-term stress. In moments of tension the adrenal glands secrete cortisol in abundance. This hormone is responsible for regulating blood pressure, cardiovascular function and metabolism. Research has shown that high cortisol stimulates the appetite and increases craving for sweet, fatty foods.

Having a consistently high level of stress hormones affects many biochemical processes in the body, as well as interfering with neurotransmitters that give us a sense of well- being, such as dopamine and serotonin, increasing anxiety and compulsion.

Certain foods help to reduce stress. Therefore, increase the consumption of water, dark green vegetables, fruits, fish, and whole grains, and reduce sugar, caffeine, and alcohol considerably.

Stop eating emotionally

Be well with yourself and motivated helps us maintain a healthy pace in the fight to achieve a healthy weight.

Being good about yourself and being motivated means that we can maintain a healthy pace in the fight to achieve a healthy weight. Acknowledge the signs and differentiate emotional hunger from physics and do not get carried away by impulses that will generate regret.

Chew the food well, eat quietly and fractionally at five or six meals a day and rethink your grocery shopping . It is there that you make your first choices, so nothing to buy foods with too many calories and few nutrients. Acquiring a new posture will make you gain the energy and energy to face the compulsion.

Beware of constipation

The bowel is an organ that suffers directly from the effects of poor diet. Fiber intake regulates the intestinal flow and eliminates toxins from hepatic metabolism and even improves the absorption of minerals and vitamins that are important to the proper functioning of the intestine.

Some hormones are produced in the gastrointestinal tract and are highly related to metabolism and weight maintenance. Foods rich in fiber stimulate the production of these hormones.

Invest in prebiotics and probiotics, they are the key to a healthy bowel. Do not abuse laxatives that, in excess, damage your intestinal flora. Drink plenty of fluids, so you will feel a positive response to the proper functioning of your gut and you will not feel stewed.

Invest in raw foods

Consumption of raw vegetables, % of meals. In addition to being excellent sources of nutrients, they are rich in enzymes, minerals and fibers that strengthen the immune system and improve the body's natural detoxification.

Bet on the infallible pair: diet and exercise

Physical activity brings many benefits to our body, such as increased basal metabolism and the release of various hormones that increase the sensation of pleasure and well-being, such as endorphins and serotonin.

Physical inactivity makes the body more resistant to insulin, which in the long run can result in overweight and the development of some chronic diseases such as diabetes. On the other hand, those who exercise regularly produce more insulin receptors, which facilitates glucose uptake and decreases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

In sum, hormones are special chemical messengers that play a key role in regulation of almost all bodily functions such as growth, development, reproduction, metabolism control, and protein repair and synthesis. That is why it is so important that your diet and your lifestyle habits benefit this hormonal production. For gradually we are reducing our ability to synthesize these hormones. And this process can be accelerated or delayed according to the lifestyle and care you will have.

With simple attitudes you improve your physical fitness, live healthier and better, delay premature aging and prevent development of degenerative diseases. It's the small, conscious, regular initiatives that will benefit you, think about it!

Safflower oil: benefits and how to consume

Safflower oil: benefits and how to consume

Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant (Carthamus tinctorius). This oil has been used frequently in food because it is very nutritious. It is rich in omega 6, essential fatty acid that the body needs but does not produce, and omega 9, important for brain function, growth and development.


Enjoy Easter in a healthy way by eating chocolate

Enjoy Easter in a healthy way by eating chocolate

Who never closed their mouths for certain foods when they decided to lose weight? With the Easter almost coming it seems that the most delicious foods are those that have to leave the menu so that we can maintain the ideal weight. Unfortunately, chocolate is perhaps the one with the worst fame among these foods, especially at this time of year.