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Some cares help prevent makeup allergy

Some cares help prevent makeup allergy

Unfortunately it happens more often than necessary ... After losing the longest time caprichando in make, you start to feel the skin itching, turning red, sometimes the eyes burn and the mouth can even have swell slightly. Well, allergy to makeup has nothing fresh. If this is your case, now know how to deal with this problem that affects many women.

Why does the allergy appear?

If you are the type that has no allergy to anything, there are high chances of using any type of makeup without worry. Unfortunately, people with rhinitis or who are allergic to other things, from pets to dust, are more likely to suffer when they go through makeup.

The allergy to make can be caused by several components of one's own, such as rust iron (also known as aluminum powder), responsible for giving color, preservatives, which, as the name itself says, make the products last longer, or even by the fragrances that some products have. In this case, if you can identify what has been giving you trouble, just stop using, replacing with another product without the substance that makes you ill. Unfortunately, there is no cure: the way is to replace.

Alert! Very cheap products, the ones that you pay less than $ 3.00 deserve to be under observation, okay? Unfortunately, good products need slightly more expensive feedstock. Makes with expired validity can only have one destination: garbage

Very cheap products, of which you pay less than $ 3.00 deserve to be under observation

Allergy that comes from nowhere

It can happen , yes, you use your whole life a product that, from nowhere, will cause you discomfort. This is because allergic components can have cumulative effect. For example, while you are on the go with your immune system, all quiet. But in a day, when it is more sensitive, some substance can give you allergy. If this happens to you, question all the products you use, from shampoo to perfume, to makeup, of course. Stop using some until you find out where the irritation comes from or see your dermatologist.

Make-up that does not hurt

If you already know that you have allergy to make-up, always opt for hypoallergenic products. They do not contain the substances that cause dermatitis in the most sensitive skins. Although (well!) More expensive, they are the salvation of allergy sufferers. The imported brands Clinique, Vichy, M.A.C and the national Dermage and Vitaderm are the best known. But it pays to go testing several until finding the ideal one for you, like the one of Natura and Avon, that fell in the popular taste. And you know, the voice of the people.

And the mineral makes?

From a year to now, they have won the pages of women's magazines and the taste of the experts in the subject. This is because this type of makeup is made with products extracted from nature, without strong chemistry or very artificial colors (you can see that the mineral makeup tones are much softer). In addition, this type of product has soothing action, does not clog pores and even treats the skin. According to makeup artists and make lovers, the effect is more natural, looks beautiful. And you know, right? According to famous makeup artists, the secret of well-made makeup is not to look artificial. It is worth giving the mineral products a chance, even though it is easy to find, every brand that has its own line.

Another cosmetic that deserves attention

The most common and cheap enamel almost always has formaldehyde , which causes allergy in many people. So stay tuned and read the label, okay? If you are sensitive to this substance, the option again is the hypoallergenic.

Secrets of the perfect skin

Before beginning makeup, some care is essential to prepare the skin, such as:

- Clean and moisturize well. Use a soap of your own to remove excess oil from the face and then a moisturizer for your skin type, suitable for the face.

-Spread, even before the base, a primer. This product works as a colorless base that helps close the pores, take the shine off the skin and make your make last much longer. You have to have it!

- Never sleep with your makeup or leave more time than necessary.

- When it comes to buying, choose a product that suits you well. This is the best way to get rid of it. Nowadays many makes come with FPS factor in formulation. Being beautiful from the inside out is always better, do not you think?

Know when to start using anti-aging creams

Know when to start using anti-aging creams

Many women wonder what time is right to start a wrinkle treatment, but only your doctor can tell you. This will depend a lot on the type and the skin color of each patient. What can be guaranteed is that the accumulation of time of exposure to the sun also counts a lot. Skin aging marks are a consequence of degradation of the collagen and elastin fibers, in a process which naturally occurs with age.


Capillary treatments with home-made chemicals can pose a risk to yarn and skin health

Capillary treatments with home-made chemicals can pose a risk to yarn and skin health

We know that many women risk coloring hair, discoloration, moisturizing, or even capillary reconstruction at home. However, there are a few things you need to know before venturing into this team of courage. First, we need to explain the composition of the hair. It is a balance between water (hydration), lipids or fats (emolliency) and proteins (keratin).