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Stop eating healthy snacks

Stop eating healthy snacks

Do you think having a healthy diet is always positive? Well, know that, just as everything that is exaggeration does wrong, it could not be different in relation to healthy eating habits. The new wave of organic and trans fat-free food may be spreading in people's minds the essentiality of good eating habits. That's good, but what about when the difference between worrying about food becomes obsession? Believe it, this has already been noticed in the population and is being called by orthorexia specialists.

The so-called orthorexia nervosa is characterized by the pathological obsession with eating healthy foods and caring for food. According to experts, this is detrimental because it ends up interfering in various aspects of the person's life, both in relation to the time when she is held hostage to prepare and choose foods, as well as social life. "People do not eat meals outside the home, they do not eat anything prepared by another person, they do not like the habits of others, that is, they end up losing the limit of what it is to take care of health and what is obsession" However, orthorexia is a very recent concept and is not yet classified as an eating disorder due to a lack of criteria for diagnosis. However, the appearance of this change in eating behavior calls attention to a tendency of collective fear towards food. "People are getting more concerned about quality of life and health, but they overdo it when they think that food has become a bad thing," says Unifesp nutritionist.

Eating well and right does not mean having to exclude items of the menu, but to know how to group, combine and reorganize the menu according to the needs and constraints of each one. In order for you to better understand what it takes to have a truly healthy diet without falling into common-sense pranks, My Life has uncovered a few questions. Check it out:

1. Cut sweet and fats away
Wrong. Many people think that in order to reeducate the food, it is necessary to cut off evil at the root. However, as Unifesp nutritionist Camila Leonel teaches, eating candy and fat does not mean having a bad diet. "There is a range of fat and candy consumption that is acceptable to consume every day." "No one is free to eat a candy or use oil to make food," said the nutritionist. In healthy eating everything comes in. So, it's no crime to want a cupcake every once in a while.

2.The fewer calories the better

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Are calories big enemies of those who decide to diet? Not necessarily. According to Camila Leonel who wants to have a healthy diet does not have to worry about the calories too much. "Sometimes we have food products that are more caloric and more advantageous.A good example is a normal bread and a whole loaf of bread.The integral is even more caloric, but the amount of fiber compensates the extra calories and ends up being better opt for the integrals. " It is always better to evaluate what benefits foods can bring to the body instead of the amount of calories it will bring.

3. Only in the salad

Tip: do not stay. If you plan to actually have a healthy diet, you can not focus on just one food group. Here it is necessary to define that the logic of complete and balanced diet is, as Camila Leonel teaches, to include in the menu a little of each food group, that is, a source of energy, vitamins, minerals and proteins. If you stay alone in the salad, you will hardly be able to meet all the nutrient needs of your body. Not to mention that one hour will make you sick of always having the same meal.

4. Out, industrialized!

There are people who make a real war against them. But is it valid to devote all our efforts to combat the industrialized or is it more advantageous to try to control the quality and quantity of what we eat? It is practically impossible to live just by consuming natural products, so the awareness that being healthy is to balance is again very important. One time or another to consume a frozen or canned product is no problem, as long as you control the excesses and avoid those products that are bad for your body.

5. I do not like it and I do not need it

Depending on the food, yes, you can follow your desire and avoid it. If you find a resistance to vegetables, for example, the ideal is that it consumes enough fruit, which belongs to the same food group. But this measure is in the short term because the work we do in the long run teaches that a person needs to start experimenting with new flavors to add them to food, providing variety, "teaches the nutritionist.

6. Being vegetarian is healthier

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Not necessarily. One of the biggest myths that has been created today is in relation to vegetarian food. Those who decide to adhere to the menu on the spot need to be aware if they are not making the wrong substitutions when it comes to eating. According to Endocrinologist Fillipo Pedrinola, My Life expert, the vegetarian diet is characterized by reduced levels of saturated fats, cholesterol and animal proteins, and higher levels of carbohydrates, fiber, potassium and antioxidants. But that does not mean that vegetarians do not get fat. "We often see overweight vegetarians, which is in most cases because the purely vegetarian diet is often unable to supply the required amount of protein unless it is very well targeted," he says. 7. Burn All Carbohydrates

Like all energy sources, carbohydrates are meant to be spent. But, loud there: do not forget to put it all back. "Carbohydrates are essential for the body, in that they are responsible for everyday activities such as walking, running and working," says Camila.

People often feel that they need to ban them from their diet so they do not get fat. He even has a diet that proposes cuts from this group. But this, besides being a mistake, can compromise health, since its intake also feeds the cells of the body, especially those of the central nervous system. "Carbohydrates can not be cut from the diet, but instead it is recommended to eat a diet that provides at least 50% of your total caloric intake in this food group," says Camila Leonel.

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