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Stories that show love between parents and children knows no limits

Stories that show love between parents and children knows no limits

Father takes son with severe disability for his triathlon tests

José takes his son to all the triathlon tests Rosa das Neves is a triathlon practitioner and father of Elkier, a 22 year old boy with a disease called myelomeningocele. This condition affects the spine, arms, legs, speech, breathing and brain and makes Elkier totally dependent on others. It is Joseph and his younger son, Louis Iran, who care for Elkier.

For a long time, Elkier's life was summed up in the walls of his house. Until one day Jose realized that it did not have to be this way and decided to take the son along with him in his triathlon tests. And the family's life has changed forever.

After making a series of adaptations, José manages to carry out all the triathlon test taking his son. Luís Iran, the youngest, also decided to participate and now all three take the tests together. Jose says Elkier's life has improved a lot since the start of the race. "It makes a big difference because his world was a bed, a sofa, four walls and a television. When we went in front of the public that had the place, that the staff applauded, he was very excited," said José in an interview with Gabriel and father Josh with their "scars" alike - Photo: Reproduction Facebook

The eight-year-old Gabriel was diagnosed with cancer. cancer in the brain. And as part of the treatment, the little one had to undergo surgery that left him with a big scar on his head. After seeing his son face this great battle against cancer, Dad Josh Marshall was devastated to hear from the boy that he felt like a monster because of his scar. "It broke my heart," said Josh Marshal in an interview with Buzzfeed.

It was when Josh decided to get a tattoo that matched his son's scar to improve his self-esteem. "I told my son that if people wanted to look ugly, they would have to look at both of us," says Josh.

Parents tattoo their daughter's birthmark so she does not feel different

Dad makes similar tattoos The parents of Tanya and Adam Philips decided to tattoo red spots on their legs similar to the birthmark of their daughter. "A lot of people think it's an extreme decision, but for us it's the natural thing to do. My husband and I decided from the beginning that we wanted our daughter not to feel different from others and that was our way of doing it."

Mother Danni Belt was driving her car with her daughter's daughter, and her mother, Danni Belt, was driving her car with her daughter. two years, Indi, when he lost control of the vehicle and he crashed into a tree. suffered a car accident Nothing happened to the little Indi, in addition to the fright, since Danni's mother suffered from the impact of the accident and had to wear a cervical collar and perform a series of tests.

Despite the severe pain, when she arrived at the Danni hospital refused to receive the medications to relieve the discomfort. She did this because she wanted to be able to breastfeed her daughter and the use of these medicines would make it impossible to breastfeed that day. "As soon as they put it on my chest it was an instant relief.I wanted my daughter with me, I wanted to calm my daughter.After such a traumatic day, I would not like to give formula to her, since I had milk," explained Danni to the British newspaper DailyMail.

Mother creates support for her child with cerebral palsy walking along with her

Supports that help children with cerebral palsy walk

Tired of wheelchairs, mother Debby Elnatan has created a bracket in which her child with cerebral palsy could walk along with her. So the boy could walk along with his parents and still improve his motor skills and his muscles. The idea was so clear that Debby began to market these supports.

Son changes marriage ceremony to hospital so his mother can accompany

Son holds wedding in hospital so mother can attend

Finding out that her mother had a few days of life after a long battle with breast cancer, Jeff Trussel and his fiancee decided to postpone the date of the wedding and hold the ceremony in the hospital so that the mother could participate. "I can leave the world sooner, but love is not going anywhere." Today is the most exciting day of my life since the day my son was born, "said Deneen Fending.

Children who sleep little can suffer from weight gain

Children who sleep little can suffer from weight gain

A total of 244 children, who had their weight, body mass index (BMI) ) and body composition measured every six months, from three to seven years of age. The quality of sleep and the practice of physical activities were evaluated by a monitor placed around the waist of the small ones. The study showed that children who sleep less than 11 hours are more likely to have a high BMI at 7 years of age, even controlling for other factors.


Questions that every mother should not fail to make to her children

Questions that every mother should not fail to make to her children

Being a present mother is not only about being on your children's side in good times and bad, but knowing how to dialogue and ask the right questions to get involved in the life of the child or adolescents, becoming more participatory in the creation and coexistence with them. According to psychoanalyst Blenda Marcelletti, one of the important dialogues between parents and children is about freedom within the family for the discussion, debate and availability of parents to hear and contribute to the expansion of knowledge about life, relationships and about the environment.