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Stress at work induces women to eat more

Stress at work induces women to eat more

Did the scales show a few extra pounds? Part of the blame may lie in the rush of work. According to a survey by the Finnish Occupational Health Institute, stressed-out women at work are more likely to use food to relieve their emotions. The researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing the behavior of 330 workers, aged between 30 and 55.

Participants were asked about stress and eating habits in the work environment and were followed up for a year. At the end of the study, 22% of them claimed some degree of exhaustion at work. This group had the habits of eating wildly for emotional causes - such as stress and anxiety - and opt for more fatty and sweet foods. Researchers say that it is not possible to conclude from these results that stress or exhaustion at work can influence overweight or obesity. They warn, however, that eating emotionally can be a risk factor for future obesity.

Seven ways to deal with emotional hunger

Emotions, such as stress and frustration, are often the main cause of emotional hunger. "Feelings of anguish, sadness, anxiety or euphoria commonly trigger this process," says psychologist and health coach Juliana Sato, a My Life expert.

If uncontrolled, this binge eating can end the diet and still reach levels more serious, relating to eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and nocturnal eating syndrome.

Identify the causes

Excessive demands, expectations and frustrations, whether in the professional, family, loving or financial area, can generate emotional hunger . A boss scolding, emotional break-ups, moments of change or lack of money are situations that commonly cause this compulsion. Stay alert to situations like these in your routine. It is valid to make a food and sentimental diary. Write down how you felt when you ate too much, so it will be easier to identify where the compulsion comes from. "When a person can identify what is causing this need, he becomes aware of the real cause of his need and can learn to control it," says psychologist Juliana Sato.

Is food the greatest source of pleasure?

It's time to find activities that also bring happiness and fulfillment. Taking up free time will help keep distance from the refrigerator. Psychologist Juliana Sato recommends the practice of activities that require physical exertion, in addition to meditation and interaction with animals.

Did you get used to robbing the refrigerator?

Psychologist Juliana focuses on having to take responsibility for her physical and mental. Getting accustomed to overeating and forgetting the negative consequences of this habit only makes you grow fatter. To try to combat this custom, incorporate healthy and nutritious foods into your meal, which will ensure a greater sense of satiety, that is, do not leave you hungry any time soon. It is also worth leaving the refrigerator full of these allied health options. That way, every time you "assault" it, you will not find unhealthy, greasy foods.

You can not control the compulsion?

There are many professionals who can help with this challenge. One is the psychologist who helps you understand and deal with your emotions and your life moment. "There is the health coach, who acts in partnership with the person, looking for tools that help him change his behaviors that lead to compulsion," says Juliana Sato. The psychiatrist can help in more severe cases, characterized as disorders, which can also be treated with medications prescribed by the doctor. The nutritionist and nutrologist are also important for maintaining a proper and balanced diet.

Does your unbalanced eating seem like a vicious cycle?

The brain controls all our impulses and stimuli. It produces substances called neurotransmitters. Some of these neurotransmitters keep us awake, awake, and alert. Others help us to sleep, relax and stay calm. When stimulation and inhibition are at the correct levels, the person is not slow or agitated - it is in the right measure. But if you eat the wrong way, this process becomes unbalanced, because the brain needs nutrients to stimulate these neurotransmitters. The more misguided the relationship between stimulation and inhibition of neurotransmitters, the more anxiety is generated, and consequently the binge eating appears. Diets rich in serotonin prevent emotional hunger from appearing. So cut the evil at its root, change your eating already!

Body language can tell if your relationship is not going well

Body language can tell if your relationship is not going well

To talk about this subject we must understand that the body has yes, a body language. This is a language that tells how I relate to myself and how my relationship with others is. But how does this happen? I once read a text by Collete Soler and she said that psychoanalysis, that is, analysis of the psyche, is a practice in which the question of the body is the center.


Recipe: canelone fit of eggplant and funghi

Recipe: canelone fit of eggplant and funghi

Here the traditional pasta is replaced by the eggplant, which is stuffed, leaving the dish very tasty. Here's how to prepare the recipe from the culinary artist Malu Nubo from the site Nutra Health in the Kitchen. Ingredients 1 large eggplant 200 g fresh ricotta or tofu 3 tablespoons light curry or soft tofu 200 g funghi How to make Cut the eggplant into slices.