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Summer requires special skin care and nutrition

Summer requires special skin care and nutrition

In summer we can not forget some basic care, so that all this joy does not end in suffering.


Avoid fried foods and heavy foods and abuse of fruits and vegetables. Drink about 2 liters of water per day, and you can include juices in this account. Eat plenty of orange fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkin, papaya and mango, and dark green leaves such as arugula and spinach, which are foods rich in beta-carotene, a pigment that is transformed into vitamin A by the body, aiding in the formation of melanin

Moisturizing and nourishing the skin

To moisturize and keep your body nourished, you should:

- Avoid sun exposure

- Use bath oils

- Avoid soaping to dry your skin

- Apply moisturizers after bathing on face and body

- Drink plenty of liquid during the day

- Use specific vitamins for the skin, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, Omega 3 and organic silicon

- as they help keep skin balanced and nourished.

In summer we we can not forget some basic care to

Protection from the Sun

The worst period of sun is from 10 to 16 hours, at this time we have the highest concentration of UVB rays, responsible for burns. So if you can avoid sun exposure at this time. But if you are one of those people who like to go to the sun at the worst times, pay close attention to their protection.

In the city, protection should be given to areas of the body uncovered, use of caps is also indicated. In the field we should do the same as in the city. On the beach we must have a greater protection, since we are hit by the sun's rays and also by the reflection of these through sand and water.

The most suitable umbrella is the canvas, as it offers greater protection against lightning solar power. If hiking, wear a cap and a T-shirt. In relation to skin tone: the sunscreen must have the highest protection factor the more sensitive it is to the skin, ie very clear skin that does not tan and turns red the protection factor indicated are FPS 30 and SPF 15 for skins darker. Remember that if you go to the sun, apply the protector 30 minutes before, and do not forget the sensitive areas such as face, lips, ears, neck, nose, hands, feet and head, especially the bald ones, that need greater care and therefore a higher SPF sunscreen.

If you do not spread the protector all over the skin, some exposed area may be present, and these exposed areas may burn and may even form spots and cause the appearance of future injuries. Do not forget to reapply the sunscreen at least every 2 hours, but if you do some exercise or get into the water, reapplication should be before 2 hours. Remember that sunscreen starts to take effect within 20 to 30 minutes after its application, so the first application should be made just before sun exposure. Remember that your life is worth a lot, so we can not save money when it comes to protecting us from skin cancer.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to get good protection, you should use two milligrams of sunscreen for every two inches of skin, and reapply every two hours, then an adult of average height and weight of 70 kg, for example, should use 30 to 40 mg. However, a woman of medium height, 30 mg of sunscreen is sufficient; in other words, this amount in the homemade form corresponds to two tablespoons. If you can not do this, then you should apply a generous amount, that is, a cuia formed by the hand is enough to apply on your face, another for your arm, two cuticles for the front of the trunk, one for the neck and hands , and so on. Do not forget that the protection prevents burns, premature aging and cancer, so do not economize.

How to choose your sunscreen

- Aerosol products are easy to apply and spread.

- Cream sunscreen is recommended for drier skins.

- For oily skins, use of free oil and gel-free fluid lotions.

- The sunscreen spray is indicated for areas with hairs, as they are more practical. You can use it all over the body if you want.

- As for the protection factor, above 30 the sunscreens are stronger yes, but the protection does not increase a lot, that is, a sunscreen 60 does not give twice as much protection as 30. The sunscreen 60's protection is only slightly larger than the 30's, which really increases the price. So, there is no need for guards with SPF that high.

If you want to sunbathe

- To sunbathe, you do not need to and should not get burned. . Because repeated burns over the years can lead to cancer.

- Between 10 and 16 hours exposure to ultraviolet B rays, which causes sunburn, increases greatly. Then, to sunbathe, get to the beach before 9am and stay for 15 to 20 minutes in the sun.

- If you can not get to the beach so early, apply the sunscreen as soon as you arrive, as you will have your 20 minutes for melanin stimulation to produce your tan.

- Remember that the tan starts 48 hours after sunbathing. Therefore, do not spend hours sunbathing thinking that you will tan faster.


Forgot the protector and get burned? The treatment will depend on the type of burn:

- If the skin is only red and burned, use cortisone creams and ointments, drink plenty of liquid, use moisturizers with aloe vera and marigold, and if possible avoid

- If blisters have appeared on your skin or if you have a fever, seek medical advice immediately, as the problem may be more serious.

- Do not get

- The blisters can be drained, but do not remove the skin that is above them, as it is a natural protection against infection.


Wear clothes with nude tonality to convey sensuality

Wear clothes with nude tonality to convey sensuality

The nude tonality of the The term "nu" in English encompasses the shades of skin color (beige, peach and baby pink) as well as the so-called off-white (white that is not white, such as ice, khaki and sand). The productions in these tones reigned in the icy seasons, gaining status and omnipresence typical of the black color, and remain strong for the next seasons.


Sustainable fashion innovates the creation process and becomes a trend

Sustainable fashion innovates the creation process and becomes a trend

The fashion market has always been related to unbridled consumption and superfluous, or better, unnecessary, if we think of exchanges of collections at each station. The fact is that everyone is more conscious and seeking more sustainable alternatives, from the manufacturing, distribution to the use of the pieces of clothing.